i've got m.s. but m.s. hasn't got me -aaaargh!

the most annoying phrase ever coined –

Yup completely. I tried to get it but nope not happening

I agree.

Yep, what the hell does that mean? I’m in favour of positive thinking but I don’t get it.

Tracey x

I think this is definitely a Marmite one! (I’m in the hate it brigade too). Trite little mottos don’t really do it for me.



I have to admit, that one does irritate me.


i hate it too,so irritating


Too true.

dare i reply?!

this is not a phrase i use but i dont mind it because i agree with it.

yes its got me physically-regulars know the ‘state’ i am in…

yes its got me mentally-emotional lability is hard to bare… (i thought i was going to be arrested for laughing at the policeman)

but i try to keep my mind strong and focussed on what i can do.

when i was working driving able to care for myself and kids i didnt like it (the phrase) either however when ms progresses to what mine has i think its essential to find the good in anything available to me and as i cant write, have use of one eye, doubly incontinent, loss of right side then i am going to hold on to any glimmer of hope i have.

its only words-its how we interpret them thats important. i guess it would be a really cruel person that tried to take away my hope…

right-wee bubble over writing that! carers here soon…

take care all, ellie x


i hope my reply helps u understand my version a little…


And finally on this thread can I thank everyone who has replied. I don’t think I’ve any more to say on the subject! Posted Jan 21st 2014 Zetland why bring this up again? We all deal with things our own way.

Echo above. It’s like a very tedious Groundhog Day,

Always thought this was one of the stupidest sayings. Get real!

i get people trying to be positive, but the phrase to me doesn’t make sense, MS does have a person, there really isnt anyway getting around that. yes mind set can be important, very important, but I just find insperational sayings more annoying then anything.

So true!


I first heard this phrase used by Stephen Sutton (the inspirational 19-year-old who recently died of cancer but who, before he went, raised £4.2m+ for charity! Incredible!!!), i.e. “I may have cancer but cancer hasn’t got me”. I took this to mean he’s not dead yet!

Someone seems to have taken this and inserted MS to try to make it sound “profound” … Nah, don’t work!

Unless you’re terminal it doesn’t make any sense!

i think the phrase has been around for years, i know i heard it for the first time about 5 years ago and now people use it for any disease/condition/illness

dear Ellie, I am not a fan of that adage but each to his own is what I am in favour of, so if the phrase helps you or anyone else then that has to be good, yeh?

much luv Pollyx

Hi, my way of looking at such a phrase is this;

if it works and helps anyone, then let that be so. Why bother arguing over a few words? Life`s too short innit?

Speaking for myself, my condition DOES have me. It makes me sit or lie down 24/7 and I`d love to be able to stand up, wriggle my toes, give my bum a break from squashing it and just feel free!

There now!

luv Pollx

I agree with poll, it’s not a phrase I like but I think I see what people are trying to say, but I do have ms and it sure as hell has got me!