Today my GP told me I think you are having a relapse contact your ms nurse in the morning. Test results clear so no.infection this is my first relapse since diagnosis in July 2012.What a bummer we are due to go away next weekend meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in over 12 months.

I was going to come on the forum and have a moan but after a) one of my neighbours has died at the age of 56yrs due to a dvt !!! and b) I just watched a tv documentary about people having eye surgery to restore their eye sight.

I decided that there was a lot to be grateful for I am still alive and I have my eye sight . Things we take for granted until we suddenly lose them.

I am just going to appreciate all the wonderful things we see everyday. The people we love friends and family, nature, and the beautiful sunsets over the sea where I live.

So going to bed not feeling sorry for my-self but counting my blessings instead. Hope everyone is keeping well. Jude. X

hi juanle

you have a great attitude.

yes ms relapses suck but worse things happen.

i hope you can meet up with those friends at a later date

carole x

well said jude-2 friends of mine died yest-you just dont know when u cant be appreciative of what u have,

ellie x

You are quite right; there is so much to be grateful for, every day, and it is good and healthy to make a point of consciously noticing and remembering this. But it is equally true that having a relapse - particularly the first after dx and after a period of calm - is a total pisser, and it is OK to allow yourself to think so!

I hope you are on the mend soon.


Hey Jude (sorry couldn’t resist lol)

I’m sorry you are having a relapse at the moment. Will you still be able to meet up with friends or will you have to put it on hold? I swear relapses know when we have something good planned, they’re sneaky little b*ggers.

You do have a great attitude. There is always something to count our blessings for.

The other weekend I was struggling to walk around town to do a little bit of shopping when I saw a Big Issue seller who clearly had a problem with his eyes. I have never bought a copy of the Big Issue before but on impulse I bought one because I thought I may be struggling to walk but I still have a home to go home and collapse in and I still have my sight. We do need to focus on the positives, I think it helps us to get through.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tracey x

Hi, it is good that your post turned from a moan to something so positive.

Now in saying that, I am certainly NOT belittling anyone who needs a moan…this forum is here for whatever we need to say

That is so sad about your neighbour…56…bloomin eck!

I also watched the tv prog about failing/lost eye sight and operations to restore it…they took out a tooth and drilled a hole in it and put something in the hole and then embedded it into the man`s cheek, until 4 months later, when they would put it into his eye. Then they took a piece of skin from his inner cheek and put that in one eye. i didnt see the end,but what happened after that?

Whatever it was, the future hopefullness was amazing.

Yep, we can always find people who are worse off than ourselves and that has always been something which keeps me going.

luv Pollx

ps hope you manage to get better enough for the planned trip and meeting old friends.

I watched the TV prog about the amazing op to restore the mans eyesight too Poll and I’m pleased to say that after a few weeks his eyesight in the operated eye was restored and he could finally see his adorable twins and read to them.I was interested in this as my 18 year old son is facing a corneal graft in the next year due to corneal disease. Cathy

Like the others have said you have a brilliant attitude and I am sure that being so positive and balanced will help you get over the worst of this relapse better than anything the Dr can prescribe.

Love and to you Jude

Hi, thanks for your replies. The ms nurse is going to speak to my Neuro on Friday about me then she will phone me to give me his response.

I hope we can make it next weekend as we are meeting up with our caravans halfway between our home locations at Sterling in Scotland.

I also have a Golden Wedding to attend this Saturday and I feel obliged to go because I was one of their bridesmaids for a cousin. I don’t like letting people down but my eldest brother who is also going has told me to look after myself first.

I will see how I feel by Saturday. Main problem today has been my eyes I couldn’t wear my contacts because of the trigeminal neuralgia but I have glasses to wear if I can’t wear the contacts.

Glad you got caught up with the tv programme last night Poll it was great to see his progress and he could see his twins and wife again awesome.

Well I am off to bed tomorrow is another day hoping for a better one.

Take care everyone. Jude. X