Things you don't see any more...not ms!

Do you remember those cards in your local shop holding combs, shoelaces, fuse wire, knocker elastic and other essentials destined for 'that’s drawer in the kitchen, feeling old today! Lol


Told you I was feeling old, wrong thread, should be Every day living!

That’s fine, I still have a draw like that in the kitchen. It’s where the super glue goes and the toothpicks.


I don’t allow superglue any more after a leak! I think we all have one of those drawers, My FIL had a corner shop (that wasn’t on the corner) he inherited, from the previous owner the world’s supply of show laces and knicker elastic!

It’s where we keep everything and nothing, a hammer (small)

Spectacles screwdriver box , egg poacher ring, elastic bands. With lots of other things, to many to mention.

It reminds me of a shop that we have in our town if you can’t find it go to Plums, he has never let us down, it’s like the hardware shop on the two Ronnie’s.