What a Memory

Oh gosh my memory is shot,I rarley remember what I did yesterday and cannot remember christmas or events over the years.I dont know if its the meds cleaning the cobwebs out of my head but I remembered when I was kind of diagnosed with MS.

When I was 19 I started to get terrible headaches with numbness and tingling all down the left side,blurred vision even blindness.I had put this down to taking the pill.I stopped taking the pill but the headaches continued.When I was 26 or so I was still getting these headaches,numbness and blindness.I was hospitalized yet again.I was then thrown out of the hospital the next day and called a time waster and a few choice words from the doctor,that I was nasty person and had caused terrible fights with staff at a Newcastle hospital.

My brother who is a police officer phoned the hospital and the doctor had appoligiesed and said he may of been a little over the top.However he had made a BIG mistake,he had been reading my twin sisters file and didnt read the first name correctly just surname and date of birth.I was in tears leaving the hospital.

I had gone back to my doctor who at the time recommended a CAT scan and told me he was sure I had nonepesific MS.But I then moved home and never got a CAT scan appointment.

Revilations,that when I was phoning for help one of the service providors told me I had MS for 20 years.I was clueless as my memory is none existant.

Well this morning it came into my head and I am pritty shocked.Gosh no help given in over 20 years.Shame realy as my bother suffers from the same heaches and tingling,numbness and blindness.

Maybe its the meds cleaning my brain out and I will get more memories back I dont know.Just thought I would share this.


Hey Charlie x what a memory to come back to you! That must be so disconcertingxx

Funny you should say about the name mix up - when I was in with the GP on thursday he said one or two odd things at first - then when I got home & went to post my sick paper to work I noticed that th ename was wrong - it was the name of my husband’s ex-wife!!!

Unfortunately she is a really evil, selfish, horrible person and a benefit fraud as well as an alcoholic & drug addict! I so hope he he realised I wasn’t her!!

Hopefully though you will start to have some beautiful memories come back to you soon eh xx jenxxxx

I need my memory back Kizzy I realy do.

It was more of gosh why did that come back to me?

It all just confused me when the lady said 20 years and I know a doctor had mentioned it but my brain wouldnt allow me to remember it.

Am I alone with this fuzzy head and lack of memory?

Doctors can sometimes be hopeless.Your now known as the ex wife lol.

Im my evil twin LOL.


No JB you are not alone with the fuzzy head and poor memory. Mine is awful I get brain fade all the time and it is so anoying. I seem to forget anything and everything from what happened 1 min ago (my other half is always saying we just talked about that) to important memorys such as being pregnant with my kids or other significant moments in life. I hate it I used to be the one that reminded everyone about appointments etc and organised it all, now my memory is like swiss cheese (all holes lol). This has got to be my worst symptom I feel like Im loosing my mind :o( Hope you get some good memorys back too

DL xXx

Hello dragon lady.

Gosh your the same as me.I thought surley this cannot be right and is it only me.I sometimes look at the clock and think 12-00 am then look a few minutes later and its 1-00 pm.

My family dont belive my memory is so terrible and yes I was the one who reminded everyone about appoinmnets what they were going to buy in Tesco etc.

I hope it does come back as its a little sad to think were are my thoughts and memories.


Gosh no one has called me JB other than the computer forums I work on helping others.