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Things have changed since I was last here and I think I’ve got to write 3 posts before my name goes up in lights, so here’s the 2nd. I was diagnosed in 2006 and I’m 58 ( how ever does that happen? It seems the blink of an eye between PMT, MTD and peri menopausal syndrome)

it took a long time and a lot of weird symptoms to get diagnosed and once I was, I was so grateful it wasn’t one of the other awful diseases it could have been, I’ve counted my blessings ever since. The only time I’ve said " it’s not fair" is because it’s affected my writing hand si I can barely pick up a pen and putting earrings in with the wrong hand is an art I’ve not yet mastered. Ditto putting on mascara.

Hi Cal,

I’ve been on here 9 years 7 months! (just looked)

I was diagnosed in 1998 but symptoms since’89. Life is tough with MS.

Haven’t got time for a long reply but just wanted to say hi and hope you’re doing OK.

Take care





Hi Cal

welcome to the nut house!

Like you, I was relieved to find out it was not MND but only MS.

“only MS”! I remind myself when I slip into self pity mode that it could be far worse.

I used to be fab at doing my eye make up and always had mascara on.

No longer as I have a tendency to poke myself in the eye!

Ah well, the earth keeps turning if i don’t have mascara on!

Carole x