These shoes are meant for walking!!

l have posted before how much l like Clarks shoes online service. Free P&P and returns. Gives you the chance to try on at home different styles and sizes. AND 28days to decide whether to keep them or not!

l know that 6.5 fits me - and by being able to try at home - l can see if the orthotics l need to wear inside my shoes will work. l also have one leg longer then the other so have to put a ‘lift’ in.

ln the past l have bought Clarks Wave shoes/trainers - they have a rolling shaped sole and - for me they are a great help with foot drop. So l was thrilled to see that in the latest SALE - they had a pair of Wave Journey - leather shoes with a velcro strap across. Perfect for getting on and fastening to give a good fit without having to tie laces.

They came this morning - very quick response. And l have them on now - brilliant - so chuffed with them - and about 60% reduction.

29.99 - for a good leather pair of walking shoes. l say walking shoes - l shall wear them all day - good balance and support. And l can do without my SAFO with these as well.

Love it - when you put your feet into a pair of shoes that feel like an old friend!!

A Bargain.

That’s very pleasing for you madam spacejacket and I love the passing on of information.BUT do the soles have animal foot pads on them and is there any sign of a compass?..Don’t tell me Clarks have lost sight of their most important features

Wb x

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I just love shoes, and handbags! Especially from Clarks! I am a naught girl lol xxx

They don’t light up Wb when l stomp about. So yes- Clarks have failed me. My daughter thinks she has had a deprived childhood because she never had a pair of Frog Wellies. l have found that they now make them for adults - so l have got her a pair as part of her xmas box. Now she will have to wear them!!

I have a suspicion that if she’s anything like her Old Lady she’ll never take them off

Wb x

Hi Francis, I got the idea from an earlier post of yours about wave shoes from clarkes. I bought some in hiking boot format which I use to walk the dog and think they are very good. I also have SAFO too and have worn it for the past year. But I have been advised by physio to not wear it all the time as she wants me to try and strengthen my ankle more. She was probably right I had become dependant on it.

Merry Christmas

Moyna xxx

So glad to hear you and you feet are going to enjoy a Happy Christmas!

luv Pollyxx