Shoes wearing out any tips

ood day

My left-hand shoe wears out much quicker thtn the right-hand one, it's obviously to do with walking with a stick in my right hand. Does any one know if I can get shoes with thougher left-hand soles than righty-hand. I suppose my left leg and the stick are carring the weight while the right leg is just tagging on for hell of it.                           Cheers David

I gave up wearing proper shoes in 2008. I buy the plastic/paper clogs you can get in Lidles. They are light weight so you don't seem to drag your leg so much. I drag my right leg with crutches, and all my proper shoes wore down quite a bit. Look for light weight shoes this should help with your leg too, These clogs I'm talking about are made for gardeners too they are for men and women. Anyway it works for me. Good Luck.




       l have severe foot-drop - left leg. l have tried different gadgets to help me walk and not drag and trip over my foot.

l use to scuff the toe part of my shoes. l found the SAFO - the best for picking up my foot and walking better. And after trying the MBT shoes [masai barefoot technology] l discovered that Clarks do their version called Waves - they are very well made shoes that let your foot roll. l have 3pairs now - and even my OH has bought a pair. The Clarks online shop is very good - no post and packaging to pay - and free returns. Which means you can order different sizes and try on in the comfort of your home. 

ps lf clarks are reading this can l have 'commision'.

So just google Clarks Wave Shoes - lf you look at the soles - you can see that they are shaped to rock you forward giving you momentum. Brilliant.


To add to my previous post - Do try walking poles - they hold you upright - evenly - so you are not concentrating your weight on one-side. Most are 'sprung' - which makes walking much easier.