excersise training shoes

has anyone got these,they are upturned at toe and heel,my balance is teribble and was thinking of getting a pair to see if they would help,any advice is good advice :slight_smile:

l have bought several different makes of shoes that ‘roll’ the foot keeping the toe up. MBT’s Masai barefoot technology - are very good but so expensive. Then l have tried Clarks Wave - these are super - and Clarks do a good free postage and returns. l have just bought a pair of Rollingsoft made by Gabor in the sale [from amazon - free returns] l am standing in them now - so comfy and so secure for balance - and so well made - beautiful leather. The Clarks pair l have are in Nubuck - and are a smart trainer type. The Gabor Rollingsoft are more of a shoe shape with a velcro strap. These came this morning - only ordered them Saturday. They even emailed me with the exact time the van would be coming.

My OH has a pair of the Clarks Wave - so they do ‘mens’ - l will look up and see if Gabor do a mans shoe in Rollingsoft.

l find l do not have to wear my Safo [for foot drop] inside this style of shoe as it does the work for you.

lt was a bit of a coincedence you posting this morning and me wearing my new shoes.


Hello Wellman,

The shoes you mention sound like the ones that are Massai shoes (obviously great for African plains) that have been copied by several brands. I was interested in these too as I have read that they can help for dropped foot. I ordered some, but found it very strange to use them as I felt as if I was walking on the deck of the Titanic. I think that my balance is just too shot to use them. They might be a great aid for loosing weight for ‘normal’ people, but with 27 years of living with MS, I think that I am too far gone, even though I still walk. But I would try some of these if I were you, as you can always return them.

Good luck,



The Clarks Wave and the Gabor Rollingsoft - are not so ‘extreme’ as the MBT’s - so might be worth you trying - especially as you can order them free p&p and returns - gives you a good chance to practise at home and try before you buy. At the moment l have one Clarks Wave on and one Gabor Rollingsoft - trying to compare!!!

Haven’t found any mens shoes in the Gabor range for Wellman - only the Clarks Wave.


Hi Wellman

I wear fit flop fitness shoe, bit like a flip flops with a wobble board sole, when it’s warm enough for my toes to stay pink.

They seem to help with stiffness in my calves. Do some really great ones for women and some plain ones

for men.

I found the cheapest were from a compay called treds shoes online.

Good luck,

Jen x


l love the look of the fitflops - my daughter wears them. l have tried them but with my foot-drop l cannot keep them on.

l have no movement in my left foot - can’t move toes or ankle or knee come to that.

Still wearing my new shoes that came this morning - brilliant - Gabor Rollingsoft Elegance Mary Janes - Cherry Red.

Fitflops have a similar rolling style sole as these - and yes they ‘work’ the calf muscles.


F - looked at the Clarks Wave - may get some trainers for the summer as would keep my

toes warm. Thanks Jen

ty for all the replies ,going to physio soon ask there advice :slight_smile:


l first heard about the mbt’s when l went to see the orthotist at the hospital. He told me his wife [a physio] wore them all the time - so did her workmates. This orthotist arranged for me to have a SAFO for my foot-drop.[This was nearly 6yrs ago] Read the reviews on Clarks Waves on their website - they do a smart brown leather trainer type shoe - and if your lucky you can get them in the sale. lts good to try them out at home - as they do seem strange at first.


Jen, On the Clarks Wave site they have some lovely fitflops in the sale - l do wish l could wear them.