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Hello all board readers,

I have just learned of these rather odd looking shoes, but despite their hefty price, I was considering buying some as they are supposed to be good for drop foot, and it is even claimed that these were discussed on the MS Forum (?). Does anyone know anything about these shoes? Are they really effective? Thank you to all who reply.



I guess it depends on how bad the dropped foot problem is and you will need reasonable balance, as the shoes are inherently unstable. They do help improve posture, but I would find a local supplier and try them before buying.

Skechers are similar and Barretts had them greatly reduced in a sale recently, so that might be a cheaper option.

Hi Whammel,

Thank you for your reply. My dropped foot only happens now and then, so I am half tempted not to lay out all of that expense. My balance is poor, so the shoes seem to be the last thing that I should wear. I may go and try some first before I do anything else.

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Hi Moira, thats an interesting post, gonna keep an eye on your replies. However my foot drop is very poor, I have fes and my balance is terrible so perhaps not the thing for me, however you have got me interested. Thanks. Cheryl:)

Hi There,

l was told about MBT’s a few years ago by the orthotics specialist at our local hospital. His wife is a physio and on her feet all day. She and her colleagues all wore them. l did get some off ebay - half the price of the ones in John Lewis.

You can also get on amazon - trainers that are a copy of MBT’s. They certainly help with foot-drop. Recently, someone on this forum mentioned that Clarks had bought out a range of similar shoes/trainers called Clarks Wave. l googled the Clarks Wave site - and have since bought two pairs - one a bright pink nubuck trainer type - and the other a denim blue leather shoe with two velcro straps across. They were both half price. And Clarks do free p&p and also free returns. Very good custom service. Now my OH has bought a pair - and l must say he walks much better in them.

For severe foot-drop - l can whole-heartedly recommend the SAFO-lts a silicone ankle foot orthotic. l have had mine for 6yrs now - very hard wearing/comfortable/ can be worn in any shoe/ and worn without shoes.

lf you look on the Clarks Wave site - you can read reviews on all the shoes.

Hope this has helped.


Hi, I have 2 pairs (one black and 1 white for different outfits!) of Therashoes. They are out of buisiness I think, but you can still get them through Amazon and Ebay. I didn’t want to shell out loads of money in case they didn’t work, but they are great. I was told about them by my physio, who also got me a foot up, which needs a lace up shoe. I wear these most of the day and walking up stairs is a lot easier now. Hope this helps

Lynne x

You can buy an attachment for the foot up that enables it to be worn with slip on shoes. Össur | Life Without Limitations | Prosthetics, Bracing & Support

That’s very interesting re;SAFO, I’m waiting for a FES assessment and this was mentioned to me too. I’ve no contol over my left ankle or foot,but that looks like it could help, thanks.

Sorry Moira I can’t answer your question but I’m glad you asked it ! ,xxjo

hi Whammel, thanks, I have got the shoeless adaptor, which I use for some shoes, but I don’t like it all the time. I bought an extra insert for the lace ups, and got a bit inventive. I bought a roll of self adhesive velcro and stuck some on the adaptor (the side that touches the shoe), and that solved a few problems. It now sticks to the inside of my slippers, and sticks to my trainser so it is not sliding from side to side when I am fastening my laces. I wonder if the manufacturers thought of this one!

Lynne x

Hello again,

Thank you Lynne, Jo & Frances for your input re; MBTs. I am in a relapse at the moment, so trying to keep my head down, but hopefully as soon as my condition allows, I will definitely go and try some out. I am not sure if they will work, but they seem worth a try, especially if they are reduced!

Thanks again! Moira

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i bought my last pair of shoes, actually most of my shoes r from clarks. But they only get th odd ones suitable for me.

So i get them coz i know they will not be coming back. But will look into this aswell. thanku for that Rabbit fan.