Does anybody have an FES. Hospital said today that I should have one, but Ive never heard of it. Does it really help walking? Thanks

An FES does help with foot-drop - lf the hospital have recommended it - then hopefully they will provide it. l had one some years ago - that l had to fund myself. lt does take a while to get the settings correct and can be a bit of a fiddle to put on. But it does do the trick. Since then, an orthotist arranged for me to get a SAFO. Again l had to pay for it - but l have had it 5yrs and l find it much better then the fes. No sticking on the contacts and no constant buzzing of the electric shock. Google them for more information and comparison. l have since started wearing MBT’s which l find pick my feet up well enough so l do not have to wear anything for foot-drop. l have just ordered some more shoes built on the same lines as MBT’s - they are Clarks Wave.

There are also some good gadgets that just slip inside your shoes and fasten around your calf with velcro. l had one called a Toe-Off.

lts trial and error. But if you are near a Clarks shoe shop do look at their Wave shoes/trainers.


Thanks Frances, will get Googling!