The Worst Thing about the MRI

Had my first MRI on Wednesday and the worst thing was - not being enclosed in a tube or the noise or having to keep still when you have an itch on your face. No - much worse, much MUCH worse was not being able to wear make-up - going out -in public . Aaagh!! I am sure some of the other female posters will understand :slight_smile:

Hi tinga, why could you not wear make up, I always wear mine. Did I miss out on a rule about no make up while having an MRI.

Ann x

The booklet I got said it was big no no as could contain metal traces. Checked on line and that said a big no no too, in case your face got a bit burnt.

Hi tinga :slight_smile: In my MRI scan I had cold, and I kept getting scolded off the lady for trying to breathe too deeply! It made me laugh anyway :slight_smile:

~ Jade

Tinga I got no book or info about make up. I will definitely not wear make up next time. I am bad enough without a burnt face, you learn something new every day.

Ann x

Hi Ann, funnily enough I said to my OH the day before that I had better not wear my mineral powder but didn’t worry about normal foundation. It probably wouldn’t have mattered but I thought better safe than sorry:).

Jade, sounds like you are a really deep breather!! I had no communication at all from the technicians once I was in. When I got moved further in unexpectedly ( I guess they had finished the brain part and were moving down to the thoracic spine ) I had to move my elbows in a bit sharply and dropped the panic button thingy so its a good job I didn’t need to use it!

Now I think of it, I don’t tend to wear make-up to an MRI, mainly because the idea of dolling myself up seems futile when one is shufflng about dressed like a prisoner on suicide watch (no ear-rings, no belt, no necklace, no watch, no underwired up-and-at-'em bra), It’s just not that kind of photo-shoot, is it?


I’ve had several MRI scans and always wore makeup. It’s not a problem, neither is underwired bra’s. Then again! I do glow in the dark B-)

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Im not usually but I had cold and was also panicing! I didnt want to come out of the scan to snots all over my face (excuse my crudeness) haha. She must have had to tell me atleast 3 times that I was breathing too deeply!


I found the worst thing was that I chose an album to listen to whilst in there that I used to love. Now I can’t listen to it anymore as it gives me flashbacks!

PG xx

I had both my MRIs as an in-patient so had no make-up, had to remove my belt as it had a large buckle and was told to remove bra as it was underwired. The first time I had gone in via A & E and was lucky to have any clothes at all as the hospital was closed due to the norovirus and my relatives couldn’t even get clothes in to me. Luckily my s-i-l works at the hospital and managed to pass a bag containing some essentials to a porter to bring up to the ward!

Oh dear - my worse problem with MRI’s is a tendency to fall asleep during the scan.

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I’ve had a few mri’s over the years and like you blossom, have never been told not to or remove any make up I was wearing. I had the Leaflet advising no belts zips etc but on My very first scan I was given clothes to wear, like pyjamas top & bottom and they scanned the nape of my neck to base of my spine but when I went back for the brain it didn’t matter what I was wearing, just took my belt off. I felt like Hannibal lector though with that cage thing they close your head in…

Iv had 3/4 MRIs n never told not to wear make up either. My most annoying thing is I have to take my jewellary off. Which includes my belly button n tregus (bony bit of ear) it takes me for ever n then I worry the holes will close up lol