The Return of Big Heidi

Hi Kids, to the uninitiated let me introduce myself, my name is Rick and I haven’t been on the boards for a couple of years. When I the board I found the posts very serious, and to be honest a bit depressing. I know having MS is depressing but I am of the impression that you need folk around you who will listen and support you. But this help will soon dissipate if you just moan all the time.

For that reason I decided to introduce a bit of humour to lighten things a little. So I introduced a friend of mine called Big Heidi or perhaps I should say unleash. For those of you who can cast their minds back to childhood…depending when that was obviously, watching TV and reading books you were given…if you were a girl you would know of Heidi. The young Swiss girl who was raised in the Alps by her uncle Peter who like squiffy, more on him later, imbibes on Schnapps a bit to much for my liking.

Perhaps I should update you on her? Heidi has grown into a rather Chesty and I don’t mean in the way people who are bronchitic or asthmatic are, but referring more to her physical attributes which are rather outstanding if you know what I mean? She has acquired a menagerie of creatures as her family. Firstly although rather a bit on the heavy side, she has three little ponies. Again from childhood you may remember the my little pony adverts on telly? We visited a show at the Vienna riding school and acquired 3 of them.

I am originally from Glasgow but now stay in Vienna and it was a few years ago while visiting relatives in the Alps that Heidi and I began our friendship. While on a visit home to sunny Glasgow we acquired a brace of three legged Haggi (for those who are not Scottish that is the plural for Haggis), wee Hamish, Hector the 3rd one changed his name and only want to be referred to by his initials and surname and that is C.U. Jimmy. The family is further enhanced by a family of three goats called Whiffy,the flatulent one, Squiffy, who had a wee problem with alcohol & lastly Iffy who is rather aloof.

Because of theses posts I have friends thropughout the world from the MS site so I hope you enjoy the future posts.

Hi, some posts here do express the pain, sadness, concerns and fear people are going through.

If this comes across as depressing to you, then perhaps you shouldnt read them.

members can feel free to vent their feelings in a way they couldnt do elsewhere.

I feel I get the support I need when I need it. I hope I can offer the same to others, who are in a dark place and need helping out.

Life with MS or other serious conditions can be depressing, I know only too well.

We do our best to help each other.


Graf… welcome back. Good to see you and Heidi again.

Cheers Val glad to hear something positive as opposed to the 1st reply from Boudica who obviously needs an injection of humour. Keep tuned for Big H`s first trip out. Hope your well today?

About time Rick, have really missed Tales from the Vienna Woods. Maybe a few of the old gang will pop in now you are back.


I hope so Tipsy hope your gonna contribute to the tales?

Hi Rick. Yes, remember you very well from the ‘old’ boards. Hope you are doing ok. Must say I do miss those old days. The clientele has changed dramatically.

Best wishes


Well we will see Dawn if we can get tho Oldies back on board again…,oops have top go as Big H. is kicking off in the other room, hope your well?..or at least as well as you can be.


Welcome back to the boards - the more the merrier I say. It’s great to have funny posts too and I look forward to hearing about Big Heidi - I’m intruiged! However, I do feel what you’ve said is a bit insensitive about people moaning. It’s not fair to chastise people for trying to support each other when they are having a bad time and your response to Boudica who was only pointing this out was pretty rude. I think there is plenty of room on these boards for humour and support - both are good medicine.

Warning, if you are of a serious disposition and are looking for references to MS and the problems of Everyday Living this post is not for you. I was told off yesterday for belittling folks feelings so I do apologies to anyone I may have offended by not being serious enuff. If my post offends please report me to the moderators. Of course MS is serious…having had it for over 30 years I agree with all the coments but without some laughter in your life what else is left?

Well kids we took a trip out yesterday to the Kunsthistorisches Museum that’s the Art Gallery to you and me, Big Heidi was barely able to contain her excitement…remember kids she is still a bit of a country bumpkin. With her blonde pigtails flapping in the wind as she raced with wee Hector across the the square yodeling at the top of her voice. Oh I forgot to tell you yesterday when she becomes excited she is apt to let rip a full yodel. This may be impressive round the valleys of Switzerland but in the confine of a small flat with 3 kid, 3 My Little Ponies and Three Haggi it is a bit much to say the least.

Especially as the Haggi are very timid creatures whose normal habitat is living under the wild heather growing in the Scottish countryside, they are apt to be much more sensitive to noise. As big Heidi scares the excrement out of me…although I can always blame the MS for that plus can always make it to the toilet on time. Whereas the kids, the ponies and the Haggi are not so fortunate. This at times lead to a rather fragrant smell being emitted from the one bed roomed attic flat where we live.

Anyway, I digress oh yes the art gallery. A rather imposing building with a wide sweeping stone staircase branches of halfway to either side. The kids and the Haggi immediately disappeared up the staircase only to reappear whizzing down the staircase screaming Weeeee. I tell you kids it is no fun being a parent at times like this.

Eventually we got into the first room which was nice and peaceful, it was filled with the painting of Rubens. Heidi felt instantly at home among the the Rubenesque figures portrayed . Although it was embarrassing as she twisted and contorted her body into the position of those in the paintings. Wee Hamish stood under a nude picture and just gaped in awe and turned a deep shade of purple (the colour you get when you mix his natural brown tone with red). The kids, were as we say in the west coast of Scotland acting the goat ie acting foolishly. I forget that as a young Haggi he has lead a rather sheltered life. The kids were merrily gamboling away in a corner of the room, which makes a change from the games of poker which they normally play.

Well kids after today’s outing I am completely exhausted and I still have to get everybody back home I feel as if I have to go and lie in a darkened room with a wee whiskey…it is really cold tea, but I can dream too. I hope you will all behave yourselves and be kind to one another. Till later.

By by ra noo…oops a wee bit of Scots just slipped out there.

Uncle Rick

Hi again. Thanks for your apology, which I accept gladly.

I dont think I need an injection of humour. I think a lot of folk will disagree with you there! I was defending those who may be put off posting their problems by your remarks.

I`ll say no more about it and hope we can leave it here.


Wooooo-Fuckin-Hoooooooooooo…Uncle Rick is back!!!¡ I did wonder wot Heidi had been up to while u were taking some time Pmsl@ the mess u must have to clean up when Big H lets out a Yodel n surprises the Menagerie.pmsl Welcome back Uncle Rick:-) xxx