Big H`s day out

Warning, if you are of a serious disposition and are looking for references to MS and the problems of Everyday Living this post is not for you. I was told off yesterday for belittling folks feelings so I do apologies to anyone I may have offended by not being serious enuff.

Well kids we took a trip out yesterday to the Kunsthistorisches Museum that’s the Art Gallery to you and me, Big Heidi was barely able to contain her excitement…remember kids she is still a bit rustic. With her blonde pigtails flapping in the wind as she raced with wee Hector across the the square yodeling at the top of her voice. Oh I forgot to tell you yesterday when she becomes excited she is apt to let rip a full yodel. This may be impressive round the valleys of Switzerland but in the confine of a small flat with 3 kid, 3 My Little Ponies and Three Haggi it is a bit much to say the least. Especially as the Haggi are very timid creatures whose normal habitat is living under the wild heather growing in the Scottish countryside, they are apt to be much more sensitive to noise. As big Heidi scares the excrement out of me…although I can always blame the MS for that plus can always make it to the toilet on time. Whereas the kids, the ponies and the Haggi are not so fortunate. This at times lead to a rather fragrant smell being emitted from the one bed roomed flat where we live.

Anyway, I digress oh yes the art gallery. A rather imposing building with a wide sweeping stone staircase branches of halfway to either side. The kids and the Haggi immediately disappeared up the staircase only to reappear whizzing down the staircase screaming Weeeee. I tell you kids it is no fun being a parent at times like this.

Eventually we got into the first room which was nice and peaceful, it was filled with the painting of Rubens. Heidi felt instantly at home among the the Rubenesque figures portrayed in the paintings. Although it was embarrassing as she twisted and contorted her body into the position of those in the paintings. It was at that point she decided not only to mimic the poses but do so in the nude Believe me kids that is not a site you would want to see. Wee Hamish stood under a nude picture and just gaped in awe and turned a deep shade of purple (the colour you get when you mix his natural brown tone with red). Seeing Heidi The kids, were as we say in the west coast of Scotland acting the goat… ie acting foolishly. When we Hamish caught sight of Hedidi he started tearing at his skin. I was quick to remind him his innard were Offal and I was not picking them up.Ssorry for the wee Scottish joke there (qv the ingrediants of haggis to have it explained)

Well kids after today’s outing I am completely exhausted and feel as if I have to go and lie in a darkened room with a wee whiskey…it is really cold tea, but I can dream too. I hope you will all behave yourselves and be kind to one another. Till later.

By by ra noo…oops a wee bit of Scots just slipped out there.

See you haven`t lost your touch Rick, lol, and that Heidi is still carrying like she did before. Does she st ill swing her pails in the flat, must be a bit cramped with all of you.

I think its wonderful how you always find such educational things for the menagarie to see, not sure if it actually all rubs off on Heidi but you can only hope.


Well Tipsy one lives in hope I think Big H. is one of the original swingers. Will start the language lessons again lol Hope your having a good day?

Hello Rick,so BH got all Rubenesque and you say this is not a sight you want to see…Actually is there a web address for an educational tour of the museum or have some of heidi’s underpinnings covered the camera?

How was your time in the darkened room with your bottle of single malt “coldTea”? You are some man for maintaining menagerie management,

Mind how you go,


Sorry Wb the cameras were covered by her underwear!