Humour to relieve MS

She is back kids. The return of Big H

Morning Kids,
I know, I know I can all hear you scram Oh GOD!! Not him
and her again. Please let me explain I visited the British MS site last week and I
see that it has reverted to the way it was when I first met some of
yoose lot a few years ago. I replied to something using my
old sign in name of Graf and a very kind lady…as always
kids, no names will be mentioned (Only because I have
forgotten the name LOL) mailed me and was asking after
Big Heidi. Well if non of yer memories are impaired…any
more than Uncles Rick`s you should remember her? If you
do not remember her she was a Big Buxom yodelling lassie
that Uncle Rick met while visiting the Alps.

Anyway kids We hope yoose haven’t forgotten your
Glaswegian lessons Uncle Rick gave yoose lots? Before moving to Austria Uncle Rick lived in Gasgow but more of that in the future.
I have appended a message from Heidi at the end of this.
She has asked me to say that in the two years she has not
been in contact she has a lot of stories to tell yoose, and missed you all
The three

Firstly let me explain to the good people who know nothing of Big Heidi and her adopted family. You may rememeber as children the TV series of Hiedi the girl who lived in the Alps with her Uncle Peter. She still has her long flowing locks in pigtails.She has in her journies acquired a menagerie which she call her family. She has the 3 gamboling goats who are more into gambling then gamboling can you ever forget Iffy, Whiffy & Squiffy? God knows I have tried but they are still here and still gamboling away NO! I do mean
gambling and not gamboling.

We have a lot of stories to tell yoose, as although we are still in Vienna we have
traveled the world …well France, Italy and Germany as
well as England and dear old Bonnie Scotland. We sadly
lost the three kids… you will remember the thee Kids (the
goats). When I say lost I do not mean lost but rather they
went out to the pub last week an I haven’t seen them

Big H. as I refer Heidi, Is still yodelling at the top of her voice and scaring
the excrement out of strangers and tourists in the process.
Which unfortunately happens on a regular basis she
becomes excited, and yes wee Markuss my other half, who has a weak bladder especially when Big H goes into her yodeling mode when she does so. However, kids good news wee Markus got two new pair of Lederhosen from Santa last year. So gone are the days of Big H. Leaning out the window and twirling his Lederhösen to dry them off, that would be funny looking children wouldnt it? God I feel as if I am now
in Playschool LOL,

Anyway kids It is a beautiful sunny and warm day here so Big H, myself wee Markus and the menagerie are off out
So Take care and remember keep well and always be kind to one another.

Uncle Rick. AKA Graf

Guten Morgan mien kinder. Ja, I am back I am forward looking to stoty tell you all of my adventures

Heidi xxx

Guten tag Ms Heidi Sausage. Ich bin looking forwards to your stories and more yo delling.A pity that they,sorry, you won’t be leaning out of the window anymore.

Welcome back to the community Heidi and do you have any money troubles? I can think of a few ways you can get back into Clover,

Bis spater,


true madness

Yeah uncle Rick and the menagerie, its lovely to see you back, more please.