Big Heidi rides again

Well kids I hope your all well and behaving yourselves? Greetings from a nice sunny and warm Vienna. Had an appointment at the hospital today to see a Clinical Psychologist because I am having severe problems with my memory…if I remeber correctly. lol

Anyway having turned up 15 mins early, I sat for an hour I went to reception and asked was Frau Dr. in the department. I was told yes. I told them I had waited over an hour. They then asked me where was I sitting, I showed them and was told I was sitting in the wrong corridor, oops did I feel stupid. Went to the proper one and tapped on the door, made my profuse apologies and she just laughed and told me it was ok. Start next Wednesday for psych training. hope I remember to go.

I am sure it is the reappearnce of you know who and the gang have scrambled my brain. Back at he hospital tomorrow for Fampyra that really werked for me last year when I agreed to take part on a study before it was made available here. So get the script tomorrow. So Big H. will have to wait till Saturday before she is allowed to roam. Or if Fampra works I will be giving her a run for her money.

take care & stay safe


Sounds good Rick,so I’m crossing everything which should uncross for when you start the Fampyra. Biggest H can have that effect on people so even a few hours away from her will be good,

Be lucky,