Help please

I know some people think my postings are a waste of time as I do not pose a serious problem\question which is not directed to MS, I instead attempt to cheer folk up. I don`t claim that I do cheer folk upthough ony attempt. I have had a hellava week, with major work being carried out in the flat plus 2 hospital appointments. I have lost the thread with Big H. and cannot remember where she last was. If you are any way, interested, can you please if you remember what her last escaped was. Iwill not be free till Sunday to post anything.

If you can help with thjis please do,


You lost Big H??? How could you Rick. I was saving it up to read today when I had more time. Please find her and make sure she does not run off again. Obvs, method of chastisement is clearly between you and her and does not need to be shared on the board. Regards. Gel x

She not lost don`t panic just securely tied down lol. Will post tomorrow or Sunday as |I have aneiuro aopointment today. Take care & keep well.

Rick xx

Phew…just saw u mention u had found her. lol We def could not deal with her on the loose xxx