The postcode lottery that is the NHS

I can't believe I wrote that contentious title !!

When I read of people having a great consultant or being diagnosed within a year or two of onset (note I said year - I am reasonable here not expecting a month or two - lol) I really honestly do feel really pleased that they have been looked after well. But my next thought is usually I bet you don't live anywhere near me!

Sorry to be so cynical.

I was told a GP would call me yesterday - no call. Apparently the new receptionist asked the midwife to call - she didn't as I am not on her books. Well there you go there's one silver lining - at least I'm not pregnant again!! (Aged 48 I've kinda moved on from broodiness!)

I finally speak to a GP this afternoon - no appointments today will be seen tomorrow - I can deal with that.

The dr I usually see is great. But my neurologist wants to discharge me.

This latest attack has been going on for a month - attacked new areas this time; my sight, walking, a tight feeling around my ribs. I have only ever had my brain scanned. No spine scan or any other tests. As I have maybe 3 attacks a year and have done since 2002 I am getting really depressed about it all.

Am I being horrid or is it just a matter of where you live as to what tests you get? My GP says my diagnosis "neurological episodes due to migraineous phenomena" is just a nice way of saying "we don't know what's wrong" which they won't if they rely on just one kind of test.

OK pity party over :) I really appreciate this place.

Lynn x.


Grrrrrrrr! Frustrating isn't it?!?!angry

I've had to go private to see any sort of a specialist and my GP can only send me to a Rheumy as apparently there is a local shortage of Neuros.

So that explains why my local hospital had to transfer my daughter over 50 miles to the John Radcliffe to see a neuro when she had a 'funny turn' back in January.

My rant also over now, thanks.



I am new to all this as only started with my symptoms in Feb.  Initially my GP laughed it off and said that the numbness and tingling would go away but after continuous hassling I got referred to a Neuro.  I've only seen the Neuro twice but have already had 2 sets of MRI scans on both neck and spine.  The first time was in a mobile scanner - not sure if anyone has been in one of these but my experience was horrendous and took nearly 2 hours!!  I was then called back for scan with dye.

Anyway, my experience with the Neuro has been good so far and I feel well on the road to diagnosis and after reading other threads and posts I feel really really lucky.  I live in Sheffield but currently under Chesterfield hospital as this had the shortest waiting list (only 2 weeks till my first app't).  

I feel sorry for anyone having to wait a long time and it makes me soooo angry that it all depends on where you live!!


Hi Emma

The NHS POSTCODE LOTTERY-if that’s what it was worked or me getting a DX so quick I foot see a shrink cos of the implications…
I was referred to a consultant physio end march 2012. Start may 2012 saw consultant, he sent me to another who told me gonna admit to hospital
Went in 7/5/12 and DX 19/5/12.
Speedy or what, can’t cope as just had JC test and av to see neuro for meds. It took me 4 months inc wait to c consultant.
It has scared me and the only place I can turn is here and new shrink now. No one knows, inc family, wat I am going through.
I have lost health, freedom, job (left as I couldn’t carry on) and what I got?..???

A quick DX. some people say I should be grateful or it, did I want so quick. I cannot knock the efficiency and speed-I just can’t cope with it.
Finally got of chest-doesn’t help though.

Sorry for going on.


Hi Mike

It must all be very shocking for you and has understandably thrown you into turmoil. No diagnosis, fast or slow, is any better than the other. Just different.

We're all just venting about what troubles or frustrates us. Don't apologise. MS is different for everyone. Diagnosis is different for everyone. Associated problems are different for everyone. But, on here we're still all in this together, each and every one of us.

Hoping you find the best way through it all.



Hi Claire
As you said no DX is as bad as a speedy dx. The uncertainty, the fear. There are just different parameters. We are all scared of the future, but with different questions.
Irrespective we just carry on- we have too and see what comes up next.

Take it easy- if you wanna laugh, look at my post onEVERYDAY LIVING-C’EST LA VIE.

mike x

Hi Claire

The link

Mike x

Checked it out. Made me laugh and cheered me up.

Well you may well have Marks (lesions) and Sparks (lhermittes sign) LOL

As the advert used to say ’ this isn’t just any illness, it’s a **** M&S illness!’

Have a good night


Thanks for all your replies on this. I guess we can never truly know how the next person feels and I now realise that a quick diagnosis has it's own downside and problems.

Whatever the diagnosis  and if I ever receive it - well I have had more than 10 years to adjust to it and I bet even if I receive it it will still come as a shock within a mixed bag of emotions.