postcode lottery?

I saw someone post earlier about the diagnostic process time being pretty much a postcode lottery and it got me wondering. My first episode was over 2 years ago and it did take 8 months to get to neurology as i went via eye clinic who had sent me for an mri in the mean time, by the time i got to neurology i was 14 weeks pregnant and had no symptoms therefore was discharged and told to return to my gp if i had any other symptoms.

This time i went to my gp who referred me to neuro no problem and i received an appt 6 weeks after referral, the neuro requested a further mri which took another 6 weeks to happen (my mri was on sunday) and now i am waiting until my report is on the system so i can bug the neuro for another appt.

I am under a neurologist at sheffield hallam, he is a stroke physician, i’m unsure if there is an ms neuro there. Is anyone being seen in sheffield? i’m interested to know how the dx process has gone for you. So far it has been pretty straightforward but am i being too optimistic in there being a dx any time soon?

Hi Mrs G!! x I wonder if there has been any research into this - there probably has! I live in South West Wales and to be honest when you look at the map of services etc it looks pretty dire!! In Wales we have some independance as far as the NHS is concerned - free prescriptions (awesome but abused) etc but we are lagging behind England in so many areas - MS Programmes/Nurses - PALS etc that I wonder if our budget is going into the right places xxxxxxjenxxx