The party isn't over yet

Hello there,here’s hoping things are better than expected.Jokes aren’t allowed to be posted,but something that was started a while back still works on The Asian part of the forum…It was a really good time we passed.Nobody ever abused the facility,so 'praps that’s why it still works


It is

Hi Wb

That’s very interesting. Have to say though, having been a member since 2006, I can’t ever remember being offended by any of the jokes on here. In fact, I miss the fun threads that helped me so so much get through the bad times that MS brings. Sadly, those days have gone.

Shazzie xx

The jokes are still out them, just covered discreetly by squit. Tell them, we shall chortle. Maybe with a wheelie too.

Boudica is still bopping, if anyone wants to come on over!


Just adjust the springs…

Who’s going to spike the Tango ?

Already have carraboy… Can’t you feel the effects yet? Bugger… I should’ve chucked the whole bottle in, oh well…

Oh, I thought the double vision was the m.s !! Silver linings there then !!! :smiley:

hi wb

i was formerly known as pigpen but it was difficult to log in with a new email address and when i put pigpen i was told that that user name was already taken.

anyway, joking aside, hope you are all keeping a straight face!

carole x