The Old Man in Hospital-------joke

The Old man lay in the ICU ward wearing an oxygen mask, the young nurse was given him as her first job on a ward, she approached his bed and whilst taken his pulse, blood pressure, the old man asked her if his testicles were black, the, by now, the very red faced inexperienced nurse said nothing and continued marking the charts. This happened every time the nurse took his temperature etc during her shift, it continued next shift as well, on her third shift the old man asked yet again if his testicles were black, the red faced young nurse could take no more, pulling the bed cover back, and lifting the gown, she proceeded to lift and move up and down side to side the old man’s penis and testicles, not a bit of black could be seen, Mr Laker, she said, all is as should be, it is probably the same colour as always, the smiling old man removed his oxygen mask and said, thank you very much nurse, you’ve made an old man very happy but please, please tell me, are my test results back.



Oh dear, I’m so glad no-one is passing my office right now. I knew there was a reason why I should stay off these boards when I’m at work. Rofl

Tracey x

Thanks for that snippet T. Next time I’ve got a lung burster of a joke,I’ll be putting it up at elevenses or lunch time etc so you end up with a Hob Nob coming out of your nose.

You have been warned

S x