Not MS related but funny

An old man was talking to his GP “Me and God have a such a good relationship he can sort things out before I even think of them!”

“How is that then?” asks the GP

“For example, when I get up in the middle of night to go to the bathroom he turns on the light! Then when I have finished and leave he turns the light off for me! This happens every night!”

At which point his elderly wife points out angrily “that is because you are tiddling in the fridge!”

A bit of a chuckle time!


Pat x

Oh very funny…didn`t guess the punch line!

luv Pollx

That’s hilarious - like a birthday card l sent my Uncle George [Barnes] It was an old man walking away from a health centre- having tiddled through the letter-box. The receptionist turns to the other one and says ‘’ l see Mr Barnes has posted his urine sample again’’


HA HA that made me laugh

Excellent - that cheered me up! Teresa xx

Nice one, thanks…Icicles on the -esticles?


very good! made even funnier cos several years ago after a ‘good’ night out my brother DID pee in the fridge! he has never been allowed to forget it!

ellie x

And it was the same for a friend who mistook my bunk in a bunkhouse as a conveniance post Ale! How we laughed when I made him clean it up and wash/dry my sleeping bag!

As Patch Adams says, humour can be a good medicine.