The Mystery of the Missing LIKE Button?!

Ok come on… who nicked the like button?

I know one of you is hiding it somewhere and I will get to the bottom of it!

It will be much easier if you just own up now and get it over with.

Miss Marple aka Pat xx

Yes i noticed it was missing the other day…I think I’ve been rumbled…they must have noticed that I was the only one liking my own messages! Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle I would have LIKED your post but as I can’t I’ll have to message you my LIKE!!!

I often LIKED my own posts as I would LIKE everyone else’s and then it looked like mine was the only one NOT LIKED!

Hey ho… Dickie says meow to Frazer! Well he would say meow if he was awake. Tummy full of chicken and fast asleep.

Lots of love,

Pat xxx

Here’s an update ladies. :slight_smile:

Thank you Poppy. That’s good to know.

When we came over to this site from the old site we fought hard for a LIKE button! (Only us oldies will remember that!!!).

Pat xx

Thanks for the update Poppy, my finger swill twitched intending to like yours, Michelle’s and Pat’s comments

Sonia x

Me to

I know!!! I still keep going to hit it. C’mon Admin!!


Nina x

In case the ever popular button is lost in the old hallways of the time honoured MS forums, wandering aimlessly around oaken polished corridors, like Theseus without his golden thread, I’ll just say now:

“I love you all and all of your posts even if I cannot exercise my digit of gratification.”

Honestly, it gives one a little glow to see those anonymous signs of appreciation.

Best wishes. Steve

I like that.

I am mentally clicking LIKE to all of your posts!

Have a good weekend gang…

Pat xx

My new like button.

Image result for smiley I like gif

LIKE! xxx

Scudger I love it, how on earth do you do that?

Pam x

Will let you know very soon. wink


Scudger, you rule. Like very much.

That’s so Brilliant! Definitely like Michelle and Frazer xx

I don’t just like it…I love it!!

Nina x