But I like it!

I don’t think I’m having a “moment” and just can’t find it. Where has the “like” on a post, button gone?!

Hi Poppy,

We had some security maintenance work carried out on the forum yesterday lunch time and for some reason this and the subscribe buttons have been removed, perhaps due to this update. We are working on having this fixed and back in place asap.


Cheers Oliver! I thought it was just me. :slight_smile:

I thought It was me too Poppy, yay, not totally bonkers, yet

Ha, me too!

-and then I wanted to like this post…


Guilty of doing the exact same thing, having written my reply

We’ll hopefully have this working asap. Sorry all.

I’m tempted to report a few posts ‘by mistake’! Just cos that’s where the Like button should be

Me 3,

i was convinced that I was losing the plot.


Well it’s 2.15very a.m and I’ve just woke up freezing cold, dithering, even though sleeping under a very warm Goose down duvet plus a light topper (how I love nice matching bed linen).

Thanks to ALL on here, I’m able to join like minded people (with or without a like button) and see the humour in our not so humourless condition. Smiling is one of my fave hobbies, as well as winning many Olympic medals in chatting drivel, losing the thread of topic and half my brain. Still, the rest of me is bloomin’ great!

Thanks again, Chrissie xx

I know it is missing so why do I still go to like these posts?

I am truly loosing the plot


Anyone for a ‘Don’t Like’ button?

Just asking…


Yeah, I’d go with that Ben. Mind you, people aren’t usually in any doubt if I “don’t like” something!

Interesting notion Ben, after a giggle I thought “sounds ok but I reckon it would need to be qualified with a Why, therefore it just turns into a reply or comment”


Glad you had a giggle Mick, and I agree with your comment.


Err… umm… Yes Poppy, I’ve noticed that.