The 'LIKE' button!

We fought long and hard to get a LIKE button on the forum… but I notice it’s not used a whole lot.

If you like a post but don’t want to comment… give the LIKE button a hit eh?

I think it means a lot to the person who posted… and we all need a little encouragement now and again.

Pat x

Proof of the pudding… I’ve got 7 ‘Likes’ & am made up!

Pat x

Didn’t realise we could do this. Thanks x

Well said Pat!

Tracey x


17 LIKES… hey I think this might be a record!

Thank you guys… you’re the best.

Pat x

I hadn’t registered the like button!

thanks for reminding us

I ‘like’ quite a lot actually :slight_smile:

I know that by posting on this again I’m bumping my own post up…

But thank you to the 28 wonderful people who hit the LIKE button!

And if it gets a few more people using the LIKE button on posts it’s worth the arrogance of a self-bump! (sorry that sounds a bit naughty!).

Pat x