The 'LIKE' button!

We fought long and hard to get a LIKE button on the forum… but I notice it’s not used a whole lot.

If you like a post but don’t want to comment… give the LIKE button a hit eh?

I think it means a lot to the person who posted… and we all need a little encouragement now and again.

Pat x

Good point Pat :slight_smile: I like the ‘like’ button and I admit to using it an awful lot. It is good for me being fairly newly diagnosed as I don’t feel confident in responding to posts, so being able to like a post is a good option. Although this morning I have moaned at a rude poster who has upset Karen whilst on holiday!!! Ggrr Sam xx

Ok Thanks Pat. Never really new to use it - silly me.

Moyna x

I’ve never noticed it before - will be clicking away now!