The musings of a night owl

Hello good people.

I’m making great efforts to make more of an effort. On Saturday, I ignored the comfy tee shirt and joggers to adorn my failing flailing torso with jeans and a proper shirt. I didn’t even go out but I felt some sense of achievement. I don’t think we can ever be called fashionable. I may rock some cool mobility kit but I’m hardly an icon for the catwalk. This led me to think about social categories; in particular hipsters. I believe some can take themselves very seriously. In which case, this is especially for you.

No pictures I’m afraid; only the ones in our minds.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Good stuff Steve. I know a few know it all hipsters. Their world is the planet earth. Leave the running of it to them & it’s the end. Someone in a penguin suite, hanging around with the hoodies, would give folks more of an idea. Folks just want things they see on social media. All I want is my health back & for people to be real. The Victorian cast system doesn’t apply these days. Or does it? Best regards Terry. Stay healthy & witty dude.

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Love it Steve. Your observations and musings always bring a smile to my lips, and that’s got too be a good thing…

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Gah! I just managed to delete my comment so I’ll keep this short. I’ve never had a deep-fried Mars bar but pretty sure I’d like one, that definitely comes into the filthy food category for me We live so close to town we have a massive Deliveroo choice but despite the yummy and relatively healthy Wagamama type options, we love the Bluegrass smokehouse pulled pork or brisket and burnt ends - they’re just amazing and they even call their chips ‘dirty fries’

Yes, blogging good words is a very good plan, since MS steals words/names from you when you’re having a conversation!

Perhaps we should start a blog challenge

Sonia x

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Reading your post Sonia made me demolish some filthy fried eggs on burnt toast, with a big wedge of cheese & a dollop of beans. I was considering some Caviar, but it’s the butlers day off. Where’s my checkered shirt? Doh!


I had beans on cheese, on toast for tea today - lush! Heinz kindly started making five beans, which kicked away my lifelong hatred of baked beans… but perhaps I’m just turning into a greedy guts x

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Bacon butty for me.

I made the bread and bought the bacon from a local farm.

Maybe it would be ery ipster if i eft he irst etter ff very ord?