How can I not rant?

Hello peeps.

I’m having a relaxing day in pyjamas. But I’m still being active in the endless quest to make sense of all this.

I think we all know people this can refer to…



Hi Steve,

Nothing wrong with having a relaxing day in your pjs as many people do this on a regular basis but it doesn’t mean they’re lazy just maybe sometimes they’re saving their energy for something else.

As for your endless quest to make sense of all this I feel that there isn’t any sense to all this - if that makes sense!!!

I have just clicked onto your link which is the first time I have done this on here (being new I’m still a little hesitant about things) but wow, that was to the point and yes, probably we all know somebody this can relate to. I think I may have to look at some more of these links when they come up.

Have a good day.

Twinkle Toes x


Once again straight to the point. Absolutely superb.

Tippy x

Hello Steve , another good blog …I must be feeling emotional , the end bit about remembering cycling and climbing mountains brought tears to my eyes …We d do anything to turn the clock back. Michelle and Frazer xx

Yes, those people! I’ve literally been sat there with my eyes heading off in different directions (I know it’s happening when I can’t focus properly) - yet someone in still talking to me, even tho they can see I’ve taken a tilt Good read.

Sonia x

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‘But you look so well’! Gits.

Yes, I am living the high life on my extremely generous state benefits too. Obviously I’m happy not to have to work anymore at the job I worked so hard to achieve at. And for which I earned a bit more than my ESA and PIP give me.

I’m happy to have a Motability car as opposed to my rather snazzy company car.

Delighted to be incapable of walking, handwriting, thinking clearly, cooking alone, cleaning my house as well as I’d like, emptying my bowel and bladder the ‘natural’ way and being completely independent.

Well written rant Steve, as usual. Bloody shame you have to have the rant at all, ie that a) you have MS, and b) people are such idiots (my unusually polite term).



Enjoyed your blog Steve, so true, thanks.

Pam x

Brilliant Steve. Thank you for putting my feelings in print. Xx

Sue, you’re hilarious. You sum up the spirit of our blunt sledgehammer MS humour.

Today, two British Gas vans blocked the pavement. They were still there when I returned 3 hours later. A very nervy man tried to ensure I could get past but he wasn’t going to move his van. I took a photo and stitched him up to the British Gas FB page.

Was that truth, half truth downright ignorance? I used to be a strapping, fit healthy man.


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Well done Steve, I’m sick of having to put my life in danger and go around them in the road just because they are thoughtless. The worst time it happened a few years ago I sent Isabelle ahead of me so she wouldn’t be embarrassed, but the road was too busy and not safe so I crawled along the small gap and shouted till I attracted attention …the man was so embarrassed he just handed his keys to his neighbour who moved the van. I think you can get stickers that are very hard to remove. I’m trying to be nice and think that they didn’t do it on purpose but I’m having an awful time with some of the neighbours on our street. They see me in the chair with Frazer but forget to give me enough room . Michelle and Frazer xx

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