The Muppets (NOT MS)

Hiya folks

Has anyone been to see The Muppets film at the cinema?

I was taken this afternoon and was a brill trip back in time! In fact, I suspect that u have to be over 35 to enjoy it!

Ellie x (who hurt neck on Tue-gggrrr-hence I was chauffeured to the cinema today by my lovely neighbour who wanted to try and help me forget my pain for a couple of hours)

Hi, yes my husband and two children took me to see it when it had just came out in the cinema because I nagged them sooooo! Much ( I’m 36 by the way) I giggled all the way through it can’t wait till it comes out on DVD now. Nicola x

Well I’m a bit older than you guys but remember the muppets from the tv but have never seen the film. Glad you enjoyed your day out and what a lovely neighbour you have.


I’m glad you enjoyed it, I love the Muppets too. Perhaps you have to be ‘of a certain age’ as I have just seen my nephew’s message on facebook where he said that he and his 3 year old didn’t enjoy it at all.



Hi all

Thanks for replies.

I am 43. There was a 3/4 year old kid sat behind me who was also bored. It was a ‘U’ certificate-is there one for over 35 only?!

Yes re neighbour Janet-its usually cake on a Sunday. Yest was cinema AND cake-spoiled I am!

Ellie x

I haven’t been to see it yet I love the Muppets I’m 36 I always have liked them 1st chance I get I’ll be there lol

Mark :slight_smile: