The menstrual cycle...

I am male. I've had MS for 12+ years. My wfe has her 'monthly' and I have to 'hide' - the stress (from my wife) affects my MS. What should I do?


Well, you could tell her how you feel, my partner used to have very bad periods, bleeding heavily and crying a lot, eventually she was told by a doctor she should try having a coil fitted, now she doesn't bleed at all and seemingly doesn't have periods. I have also met women who have the contraceptive injection who have also said they do not have periods.

I'm not saying thats the solution to your problems but if your wife is having as much trouble with them as you are, it may be helpful to speak to a doctor about those methods.

I'd stay out of the way Marcus!   Hide the kitchen knives, arrange open credit with the florist and keep the tea and chocolate coming.


Really though, this is all about her and how bad she is feeling. ~It's horrible. But mention to her that evening primrose oil helps - it got rid of it completely for me. Choose your moment carefully though....