The little things


My last year of employment was a troubled one. Why was this?

Here are my reasons if you wish to read them.


Steve I loved reading this . The days before tablets and computers, was it the 80s or 90s ?. Well done to you for managing a difficult class and bringing out the best in them all . I’m full of admiration for teachers I think there are some out there that really care . My experience with special needs schools has taught me such a lot . They refer to Mollys school as "The Greenbank family " and my other Autistic daughter always said it was the best school in the world. I know when she’s there how much they care for her …i was in tears this week she’d had an anxious time, her mental health isn’t great , unfortunately autism and mental health often go hand in hand , but the staff member who rang me cared so much it’s a beautiful feeling to have so much trust in those teachers.That is education at its best. Steve your input at that school is something many of those pupils will never forget. Michelle and Frazer xx