the itch that isnt there,

Hi all, was wondering if anyone had suffered a terrible itch, it moves about a bit, scratching does not help as there is no itch just nerves telling me there is. Well its so annoying, like ants nettles and mosquitoes have been stinging me. Does any one know of anything fhat might help, or a way to trick the body to ease the itch or make a scatch work?




have u tried getting area hot or cold? sometimes that helps. i believe its called ice therapy.(and these recent lot think its a new trend, eejits!!!)

but its not amusing when u are experiencing it-hope you find relief soon…


i asked my gp about itching and he prescribed me a lotion for icthyosis which is a condition where the skin builds up thickly and is a genetic thing.

that isnt what i had but the lotion helped.

since then i make sure that my itchy bits (back and shoulder blades) are well moisturised.

i still itch sometimes but nowhere near as bad as before.

my scalp itches too and sometimes its embarassingly as though i have nits.

but we all know that its the ms not the headlice!!!

carole x

Lol, Carole, your last comment about itchy scalp made me give a knowing smile. I have the same trouble and often want to rake my head furiously… highly embarrassing!!! :slight_smile:

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I sometimes feel like I have a itch beneath the skin - so scratching does not help. Cold doesn’t help either so all I can do is grin and bear it. Sometimes the itch is almost like a bite which makes me twitch - funny for people around me but not for me.


Thanx for replys,maybe the cold and heat might help, although its not actually an itch, like yours JBK but maybe i could give the nerves something to do, maybe tire them out or confuse them so they behave.


If it’s a bit of you that you can stick under a cold tap, try that. I find that this makes the itch even worse while under the running water, but it then eases it.


I have an itchy spot on my chest - just one small patch about the size of a 10p coin - that itches frequently but intermittently with no obvious cause. I didn’t want to keep scratching it, partly because it made no difference and partly because I didn’t want to damage the skin, so I put a large sticking plaster over the area. That gave it a chance to heal because I can’t scratch through the plaster and in fact, having the barrier of the plaster helped my keep my hands away from the itch.

I itch so badly - especially at night time. It is so bad, that my husband had to point out to me that I had waked though a cobweb, and had about twenty baby spiders crawling all over me - and thought it was normal itch