Itchy Scalp

HI, i have relapsing remitting for about 20+ years now and take copaxone…i do very well and with the exception of a few balance and prickling issues the only symptom i have permanently is numbing around my mouth (which i only feel when i am tired), thick hands and the at times stabbing in every area you can think of…BUT…my new one is drving me crazy and i would ike to know if anyone else has experienced this because i am exhausted

i wake up in the middle of the night with a stinging itch all over my head and i have to scratch…or rub my head…i have pulled out so much hair its crazy…it is typically on the sides of my head but can be all ovfer my head and it lasts usually around 1-2 hours and then it is gone…it was happening about once a month but is more frequent now and it is happening during the day sometimes…i am sure people think i have a terrible case of dandruff

i have made an appt with my nurologist but just want to see if anyone else has experienced this and what helped

Yep - head itchy most of the time and it drives me crazy!!!

ah yes the invisible nit attack. I have brushed my head raw looking for them lol. For me its worse when i am warm so i find washing my hair with cold water helps to some extent as it calms it down a bit. I get the all over body itch too where them fleas at?

I hate it and sympathise. Keeping cool really helped mine. x

a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo. massage your scalp as you wash it. it’s horrible and an attack of itches can occur anytime, anywhere. Crazy Chick’s idea of using cold water is a good plan.

Lol…don’t scratch. My episodes began after I came off some antibiotics, I’ve obviously picked up something. The problem is that when I scratch it takes on a momentum of its own and I can’t stop.

I also have an itchy eye. If I respond to that it just gets worst. My only answer is to focus away onto something else.


Hi morning hun, if you have an itchy eye you may have dry eye or blepharitis. I have had this. I saw my optician who diagnosed it, and I now use Hycosan Extra twice a day and it stopped it. BLISS lol. Wasnt sure what was more annoying, hair, eye or piles lol.

dry eye is very common in auto immune.

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Thank to all of you…I love to know I am not losing it…I did go see my nuerologist…I absolutely love him…but I don’t want any more meds…so lack of sleep and head scratching will continue…oh well could always be worse…the cold water trick does help…i love that I have found somewhere to go and ask questions…good luck to all of us…Di


My Gp prescribed Elecon scalp lotion, it is the only thing that stops my head itch driving me crackers! I put it on before I go to bed and rub it in, only need a bit. All other things don’t work for me although I have occasionally used oils massaged in to let my head have a bit of a treatment. This helps a bit after leaving it on at night (with a towel on the pillow).

Hope you get some help, if I visit anywhere, this is the first thing that goes in my bag.

thank you…thank you…i went to see my nuerologist and he offered me another drug…yep no thanks… i did a search on Elecon and apparently I need a perscrilption…making an appointment with my gp now…I sure hope I have the same success as you…thanks so much