Any tips?

My itchyness is driving me mad and is starting to effect my sleep… It just never seems to go away! Does anyone have any tips to aid it in anyway, except dont scratch it which at times i feel like its impossible not too grrrr.


I suggest a frozen towel on the itchy area. I scratched so much that I bled and punched til I was bruised-just trying to get some relief. The frozen towel did work short term-combined with Amytriptyline (low dose). I believe a cold bath has the same effect-bbbrrr! I understand its called Ice Therapy-it further confuses the already muddled messages and you get tempoary relief-worth a try? (thats the towel-not the bath I am referring to!)

Hope this helps you!

E x

You could try an antihistamine - like the ones you buy for hayfever


I agree with Chris and have used Piriton to good effect in the past.


Get yourself onto a daily dose of Loratidine (better longterm than Piriton) and a huge tub of Diprobase to slather on (more easily said than done if it’s your back) and pop a pure cotton,long-sleeved t shirt or leggings on top. Have had this for years n years, it’s no fun…

If it’s a bit of you that can be put under a running cold tap, I would suggest that. Let the cold water run until it hurts, if you can. This might make the itch feel worse momentarily, but then it should calm, if your itches work the same way as mine do. These neuropathic MS itches are an absolute pest.




Itching!! I have really problematic itches in the fact that I know I have an “itch” but I don’t know where it is and end up scratching everywhere in order to relieve it/them. Really “irritating”!!!

Echoecho x

Thanks for all your replies guys, it is just mostly the top half of my legs that itch really bad, its not all the time but is pretty much every night when trying to sleep and every morning when waking, its so irratating!!! Actually when i think about it my head does also itch quite a lot… (the comment about studying someone that itched till through to there skull made me realise actually i do itch my head alot :s) I will try a cold bath now actually and may look into some of the things soon that you have all suggested.