Does anyone else have a problem with Itching? It’s suddenly developed with a vengeance and is waking me up at night, It’s hard enough with weeing all night and now the itching I’m hardly sleeping. The worst thing is it’s usually my back that itches and my left arm is so painful I can’t bend it . Michelle and Frazer xx

hiya michelle

oops-why am i here?! i dont have the same ‘label’ as you but itching is itching!

try either cooling or heating the areas. its different things for different folk-surprise surprise!

for me, dipping feet in ice cubes and water further confuses the messages and i get some relief. ice packs for different areas? remember to put them in towel or something to avoid ice burns!

ice therapy is recognised elsewhere-dunno about here tho. my friend regularly was dipped in ice baths for pain relief!

hope you find something that works for you!


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Hi Michelle

I developed itching a couple of years ago, like you on my back. No rash or anything, just a desire to scratch which was a bit embarrassing in company.

Knitting needles plus one of those back scratchers with a hand on the end also helped. After talking to my MS nurse she suggested Amitryptline. That helped plus a liberal application of E45 to calm it.

Hope you get some relief soon


Hi Michelle

Itching is another aspect of neuro pain, and I agree with Sharon, I use amitriptyline a at night to try to help with this problem. Have a word with GP or nurse, and if you decide t give it a go, take it mid evening before you go to bed, as that way it shouldn’t make you feel drowsy next morning.

Hope this helps, take care.

Pam x

I have the itching one if my worst symptoms … drives me daft ! I can gouge myself overnight … Used to take amytripyline but had tO stop that due to bladder problems so now on gabapentin…I find a bath in e45 emollient helps a bit…

Thanks everyone, I’ve made an appointment with my doctor I’m with a new practice now so hopefully I’ll get some support, I’m tired of just being left to get on with things. On Tuesday I go for botox injections in the bladder, I’m very nervous about having the procedure but I know that others have it done and seen a difference. Michelle and Frazer xx