Itching all over driving me mad

hi everybody yesterday i started to itch all over my skin feels like theres thousands of ants crawling over me.i,ve had this before and it drives me mad.i can scratch and scratch but it never stops itching.had cool showers loose clothing and tried rubbing my self with a rough towell but i get no releif.its worse at the moment because my internal thermometre is going haywire so one minuet i,m boiling hot the next shivering.i can just about cope withhat but this itching drives me mad.anybody got any advice on a way to give me any relief i,m due to go on holiday on monday i could do with this settling down.short of spending my life under cool shower i can,t think of what else to do.any ideas anyone

take care and have a good day xx

How was it addressed before?

my nuero noted it down on my records and said’ yes well unfortunately its the ms just try and relax try to find something to take your mind of it’ very helpful not my physio was more helpful will the advice of the cool shower and the rough towell

Hi Mistymoo, There’s a gel called Doublebase that you can either rub into dry skin or use as shower gel that really helps with itching. You can get it on Amazon, at chemist or your GP can prescribe. Give that a try.

As you are going on holiday on Monday, try and get it from chemist today.

I get Uthoff’s esp at night and have changed all bedding and nightclothes to 100% cotton…it has helped a bit… but sorry it seems a puny bit of advice when your itching is so bad.

Hope it goes away and let’s you have a good holiday.

Pat x

Have u tried aloa vera gel never had this just know it really calms alot of stuff x

Thanks for the advice off to the chemist now!

take care xx

hi m moo

i was going to suggest aloe vera but zoe beat me to it. its also good for sunburn.

doublebase gel is also great. i use it on my injection sites.

my gp prescribed something for itching but it was just like doublebase gel.

try anti-histamines, worth a shot.

enjoy your holiday

carole x