Hi Today I have got rreally warm in the offic and I ccouldn’t stop itching. Is this a ms symptom? As soon as got in air conditioning car it stopped. Barney

Hi Barney, Itching drove me crazy just after dx but not yet found heat makes my symptoms worse…although lots of others do x My neuro said it would stop by itself…it did after about 2 months!! Cooler weather forcast now…sad when we don’t want it to be hot!! xx Emma

Uhtoffs phenomena. Not specific to ms but found in alot of ppl with ms

Yes an awful symptom.

Try Doublebase gel. Can buy on Amazon but also GP will prescribe.

Pat x

Hi I have Uhthoffs…it’s awful…in fact, dada !! I’ve just had all my beautiful, shiny, long hair cutoff today because I couldn’t bear the weight on my head and neck anymore. It kept getting soaked through with sweat. Xx

Hi, yes Uhtoff’s is terrible. My vision blurs, feel like huge pins are being stuck in my back, legs spasm & generally feel rotten.

Some tips that have helped me:

100% cotton sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers (Wilkinsons have a good range at great prices)

100% cotton nightdresses (nice ones are expensive but can buy them new cheaper on Ebay)

A Chillow… which is a cold pillow (Amazon)

Cooling neck scarves… work the same way as Chillow with cool gel inside (Amazon)

Wooden blinds… really keep the sun shut out like shutters. Look online for discounted ones

Strong electric fan

Come on summer… do your worst… I’m ready for you…

Pat x

Thanks for all the feedback really appreciate it.

Barney owl… I assume you are a fella? In which case you can skip the 100% cotton nightdresses… LOL… Px

Actually I’m female but I will give the nightdresses a miss they really aren’t my thing. Cotton shorts and t shirt much more my thing. Have just changed all my sheets to 100% cotton.

Ooooh…got to find me a chillow…thanks Pat. Xx