The Humira withdrawal trial starts

Hello :slight_smile: for those of you that knows what’s going on, a little update. Yesterday was supposed to be Humira jab day, and boy, did my body know it. By 9 pm I was getting heart palpitations, my legs went to jelly and I was feeling very woozy. I was supposed to be watching a film with hubby but I went to bed and had a lie down watching tv there. After about an hour or so I felt a bit calmer. Today I’m feeling like I’ve run round the block, wiped out. So…in all, so far, not as bad as I thought it would be. My legs are very unhappy about the whole thing and refuse to work properly, but, other than that I’m just tired.

my OT came to the house yesterday and gave me a bath seat, brilliant. It’s only a small plastic seat that has suckers on the feet to attach to the bath, but it is great. Hubby also used it in the shower and said it was brilliant, so that’s an all round winner.

so, I will be taking things easy today. Hubby back to London for couple of days, so I will enlist the kids to help out. Hope you’re all alright. Fingers crossed for me that this is the problem and not something else they are thinking of! :wink:


Well, still here. I’m currently having what I call ‘a wave of craving’. It starts with hot sweats, irritability and restlessness. Very similar to quitting smoking. I’m coping with it though :slight_smile:

ive currently been researching more natural ways to control my Crohn’s disease, as the usual medical route has pretty much been useless. I’ve had EVERY tablet, drug, liquid diet, test etc they could throw at me. I may face surgery again in the future , I was warned of this before I came off it. But I have to take the chance that this drug is causing my Neuro symptoms. If it is this drug…brilliant, deal with the damage later( after further research there’s a lot of damage) and follow a natural route. If not, I see Neuro in 2 weeks, then, I will deal with that and restart the Humira.

thats all for now, I’m hoping you’re all alright and once I get through this tough time, I will be more involved in the forum again.

take care

Bev x

Well, thought I was having a rough day yesterday. Took me ages to get to sleep. Nodded off for a bit and was having THE strangest dream, the kind where your body is trying to wake you up or something. I woke up and all I could see was slow vision, everything distorted looking. I sat up and looked round and ears are hissing like a pressure cooker. So, did the usual and checked the house to make sure it wasn’t a noise that woke me up and I’d woken up in some dreamlike state. Nope, my head is doing somersaults : /

bizarre start to the day, at 4am…: s

I’m following what you’re writing Beverly…hang in there girl ((((((hugs))))))

Thanks Blossom. I’m actually hoping that this can be used for someone else in the future. I think it’d be handy to have an account of what is possible during the diagnosis process? Hopefully lol :wink:

at the moment I’ve had 2 bad days this week, felt totally out of it.ive also got a pressure sore which I need looking at. I’ve no energy and I feel like I’ve got the worst hangover in the world :slight_smile:

today I feel a little bit more human, so I’m hoping this is lifting a bit. I’ve had a lot of heart racing and weird physical things so hopefully this will be the worst of the withdrawal x

Aww Beverly, I really feel for you. It is a great idea to write your experience down, to help other people. Do get that pressure area sorted out soon.


Noreen x

Gross! Turns out the pressure sore is an abscess : (. I’ve been given antibiotics and some cream. If it bursts I need to get it packed. Gross or what. So, my immune system is proper playing up then x

That does sound bad. Your immune system must be really low…hope the ab cream works.

You like my baby pic Beverly? that was me, 58 years ago!! The dress was green and my hair was Red & curly…what a combination lol

Take care. Noreen x

Loved the pic Blossom :slight_smile: yep, the antibiotics are working thank god. The abcess has shrunk a lot and just looks like two spots. I’m still using the cream etc so I’m hoping it will be completely gone in the next couple of weeks.

not sure if you’ve seen my latest post, back in limbo land again. I’ve still got something going on but they don’t know if the Humira has caused it or if it is MS, so got to wait a few months and see if there’s improvement. Boring!

hope you’re well xx