It's Humira day :s

(Just looked at the choices for this as a header, no idea if I got it right or not lol)

hello everyone. Today here is gloomy (yay! Sun, stay away and give me a break please), and I’m feeling quite worn out. Every Wednesday I have to inject Humira 40mg for the Crohns Disease. It works, can’t grumble, but it doesn’t half make me feel rough on the day I inject. So I’m gonna have an easier day of it I think. I’m hoping it rains, the ground is looking dry and we need a good drenching.

my ears are annoying today too. It’s like a constant hissing. Some days are worse than others , but it’s annoying all the same. Hope everyone has a good day and I hope everyone has found their feet a bit more with this update.



Hi Bev

For your tinnitus have you tried some background music, nothing to heavy, just to give your ears something to pick up and your noggin to work on. I’m advised it’s better to have something playing then be in silence as the damaged hair cell are sending duff info to the brain, or at least it’s something like that.


It’s true that I don’t hear it as much when I’m watching tv or have the radio on. I’ve seen the dr 3 times over this. They gave me nose drops thinking it was an ear tube infection, even though they could only see slight fluid on right ear. 3 bottles of the drops later, it’s still here and been told it’s tinnitus and part of the MS ‘thing’. Thanks for your advice, I will bear that in mind xx