The Great Disability Scam? Panorama 8.30 tonight!

On BBC 1 tonight a documentary:

“The government is launching expensive welfare reforms in a bid to get disabled people into work, but who is really gaining from them? Sam Poling reveals how private companies are becoming rich despite getting few people into employment and hears from the charities who feel the vulnerable are being failed.”

A ‘must watch’ me thinks…

Pat x

Well spotted Pat x

Thanks Pat, watching, have spread the word.

Thanks for the reminder,

best wishes



Looking forward to watching this. Thanks Pat. :slight_smile: xx

Watched it. Why am I not surprised?


anyone else beyond angry?

So sorry Pat I spotted this after I posted my post :frowning:

I brought up a part that annoyed me the most and I am sure other people would agree.

I am not surprised either but think its disgusting they are getting away with it


Hi Pat!

Ty for posting this hun.

I watched with utter disgust and it really made me realise that the bullying behind closed doors for Disabled ppl continues!

I just couldn’t believe the attitude of them and that they have given us a horrid nickname like that. Its positively terrifying that ppl in society are willing to treat ppl like this and worse, that they think its ok.

I have always thought that because they were willing to do my appointments via phone; that they had a better understanding of what I needed to get back into work. I was sickened to find out that its simply due to the fact that even they think that we won’t ever get jobs. Or that, by their own admittence; decreed that we actually are too ill to work like non ill ppl.

Just made my blood boil grrrrr!!!

I can’t believe that they are trying to take advantadge of us Disabled and worse still, knowing that we can;t fight back because even the poxy goverment is not on our side

Sorry to rant but i genuinely thought that I still had something to give bac to the workplace when I am strong n well nuff again. Can’t believe how bad an attitude our so called fellow ‘humans’ have.

Thnx for my rant,

God Bless

Anna x

Yeah made me furious too…

The whole system stinks.

Some of the ‘comments’ from the lying cheating bas£ards who are making huge profits out of disabled people didn’t even make sense. It was just blah blah blah in the same spin language the the Condems use.

How the hell has this happened to our country?

Pat x

People voted for the con party. The first rule of the con party is to privatise everything from victorian buildings to benefits via the nhs.

Its such a bad situation to be struggling with illness then get the stress of atos, then the people in charge of the wrag group. You cant win.

Hi, I watched the drivel too!

Yes, we are all LBTs…what chance do we have if even those meant to help us, call us that?

After Id watched it, I felt no better and wished I hadnt bothered.

I feel glad I am 60 and less employable!

luv Pollx


Not allowed to write what came out of my mouth whilst watching that!! Felt useless before, good job euthanasia isnt legal isnt it? Just hope that none of em are ever in the position where they are told their life will be changed forever. “But for the grace of God go I”. Dont know what hurt more, the vile nickname or the fact we have a “price” on our heads & ours is low. Tracey xx

please dont let them win by making us feel like we are worthless, we ARE WORTH MORE THAN THEM, we are human beings who have more challenges than other people, that does NOT MAKE US ANY LESS, they are the worthless ones to even have those nasty words come out of there disgusting mouths.

Lbt’s hmmmmm sounds like a sandwich. After that statement about diasabled people i would have thought heads will roll. But not with this lot in power, its exactly what they wanted. Everyone on benefits labelled as a theif to the public.

When things are this bad they can only get better.