BBC2 the future state of welfare

Is anyone watching bbc2 the future state of welfare??

I was intrigued to see what they would cover for people on incapacity benefit, Mmmm ,seems its always the people on incapacity are targeted as the people that are cheats and liars!! its people who lie and cheat that are making it hard for the genuine ill people to get benefit , makes me cross. sorry


I didn’t see it Moggie, but I too am very cross about what’s happening about benefits for the disabled. The statistic that sums it up for me is that the government have estimated that 5% of people on incapacity benefit are frauds, but it has targeted ATOS with a budget reduction of 20%.

I would follow that up with a word that sums up how I feel about the government, but the forum software would delete it!

Karen x

Oh me too!! me too.

Its hard enough living with a chronic long term illness , then the goverment adds the stress of this on top of all we have to cope with, doesnt help people in anyway stay healthy, just makes it worse!!

i suppose we will all just have to wait and se what happens next month. so if you have had employment and support benefit for over a year they will be stopping it in april 2012, what happens then, do we get any benefit?

thanks again for you words of wisdom

take care