Newsnight last night: link to watch again (Atos + benefits)

Here’s the link if you didn’t get to see it last night (I’m going to watch it now):

If by chance link doesn’t work… go to BBC home page, click on iplayer link, put Newsnight in search box.

Pat x

I watched it last night and thought some good points were raised. At least this disgraceful issue is finally getting some decent coverage.

Just watched it… yes Whammel great that it’s getting coverage.

Very good discussion… 3 disabled people including Francesca Martinez, the comedienne who has cerebral palsy. They all made some very good points esp around separating “good cripples from bad cripples” that the paralympics are likely to do making those of us who can’t even get down the shops (let alone play basketball) look like ‘bad cripples’.

Great discussion about Atos and changes to ESA and DLA.

I wish someone had made the point about many people on disability benefits not only disabled but dealing with disabling symptoms such as fatigue, pain, etc etc etc… but can’t have everything in one programme…

It’s well worth watching.

Pat x

Was very good point from all 3 people, but I must come clean that the woman in the wheelchair upset me, the one that was able to work and she earns loads of money etc etc.

I thought if I was able to do that I would never go on DLA or ESA as its a pain in the bum. I just felt angry because I would never do what she is doing :frowning:

Hi Moogle star, I know it’s hard to get your head around when many of us are struggling and yes claiming them is a pain in bum, but the reason why DLA was brought in was to help disabled people be on equal footing with their able-bodied counterparts.

A disabled person who is able to work has far more expenses than their co-workers. They cannot use public transport and absolutely have to have a car, need to pay for someone to do housework, need help with showering and dressing… etc etc. Some even pay for carers to come to the work place to help with toilet needs.

So if they are paying for all of the extras out of their salary they end up with far less income than able-bodied people working in the same job.

That is why DLA is awarded to people who are working… no matter how much they earn. It is the only way to ensure full equality for disabled people. Disabled people in the 1980’s fought hard to get DLA for ALL disabled people no matter what their income is.

She is not claiming ESA, only DLA, and she did make the very good point that she would never have achieved what she has (I think she said she’s a lawyer) without DLA.

I really understand how hard it is to see people on good salaries claiming benefits but I can also see the sense if people with disabilities are to be full equal members of society.

Pat x