Channel 4 Tonight

8 pm. Britain on Benefits about change in DLA.

I thought this programme had changed to something about horse meat? That’s what the hardist hit people tell me anyway.

Wendy x

just had a look on my sky tv menu and at 8 pm ch.4 is dispatches “horse meat scandal”

  • I too was so annoyed that there has been a programme change. I do hope what we wanted to watch ‘about disabled affected by changes from DLA to PIP’ is on next week. Im writing to channel 4 to complain. My grandad used to eat horsemeat and I grew up eating it, and I dont nah, well not yet. Makes the beef tastier, so why all the darn fuss, business people have always taken advantage by adulterating our food - its not new. As long as we havent been poisoned, now that would be a disaster. Me thinks this government dont want us disabled to know about how any change will affect us, so using the horsemeat scandal as a smokescreen perhaps?



Again important news for the disabled being side lined, there has been enough coverage of the horsemeat sage over the last week or so.

The DLA scandal should be top news and on the front of every tabloid.

Sorry everyone, didn’t know subject had changed!

Thanks! Will watch.

I can’t miss University Challenge (!)… but remember you can watch Britain on Benefits at 9pm on Channel 4+1 (freeview 13).

Pat x

Whilst I’m of course interested about the changes to D.L.A. , and the rights of us disabled , I’m also a life long lover of horses , and if any animal had ever won “rights” it should be the horse , through the ages they have involuntarily fought in wars for us , not to mention powered industry and transport , not to mention their huge role in farming , they’ve suffered long and hard for humans

Of course many people will put my complaint down to misplaced sentiment , and a mere misplacement of morals , why not eat all that walks ? , well the cold side of my argument is that the horse is no longer considered an agricultural animal , and as such is not kept under any ministry regulations , as a pet it can be pumped full of drugs such as some of us are , painkillers , steroids etc , and then enter a food chain with no trace of this history ,

So before anyone dismisses this as some kind of “never mind” subject , think of the next drama when people are affected by unknown drugs in the food chain , or perhaps when they start to add other unknown pets to your diet without even a mention , but perhaps just as all animals (food chain or not) the horse should be repaid with at least some dignity and thanks for it’s history and efforts for us

I don’t think it’s a surprise…all about ratings, more people interested in horse meat rather than the disabled!!

Apart from us lot of course.

SORRY not concentrating and didn’t realised it had changed to horsemeat scandal. While I agree that horsemeat is a terrible scandal, at this point I can only fight one battle at a time… and benefits has to, for me, be that battle.

Pat x