'Dispatches' on DLA. Ch4 at 8pm

Hi all, this is the programme that was cancelled last week due to horsemeat scandal.

It’s about the change from DLA to PIP.

Dispatches on Channel 4 at 8pm… and remember it will show again on Channel 4+1 at 9pm.

PatB x

Thanks Pat. Into the Sky planner it will go, if I remember after I’ve got downstairs!

Machine set !! Thanks, PatBx

I remembered!

Put it on to record thanks B xxx

just watched it, im glad im not telling the dla lot bout my changes in circumstances coz i know damn well they will assess me for pip n completely fail me, so id rather hold on to the low amount till 2015 and say nothing, if they ask why i never told them ill tell them i was scared to death to tell them as i cant cope with more assessments

Yeah I thought it was excellent. So well presented & made it easy to understand.

It didn’t include mental or physical illness & concentrated on physical disability but I suppose they can’t do it all in half an hour.

It was a great documentary and I hope it got good viewing figures.

PanBurner has your MS got worse? I know it’s a pain but if it has you should re-apply for higher amount. It might put you in better position for PIP & at this point might not involve an assessment.

PatB x

the tiredness has got worse, my legs are in more pain, im still on crutches n its been 5 months, on a gud day i can walk around the flat for about 10 mins b4 my legs feel like they wanna kick my butt then jump in a bath of cold water as they are on fire, im seeing things that arent there, black and white figures, white figures of cats, my skin feels like theres stuff crawling on it most of the time, so id say its got alot worse yip hun, im just scared to death that they will make me go for another assessment, tell me theres nothing wrong and fail me, thats just the ms, mental health wise im basically going nuts, i have deppression, personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and a new diagnosis of a Depersonalization disorder which is a dissociative disorder to boot

Have you got someone who can support you if you apply for a higher level?

I can really see your point of not wanting to deal with it though… but if you could get maybe a social worker to support you while you make a new claim it would help.

Anyway hon I’m not pressuring you to make a new claim. If you are managing ok & don’t want to make a new claim that’s understandable.

If you have someone who can support you, it might be worth having a chat about it.

Pat x

i could ask my ms nurse, would that help?

Your MS nurse should help…but I used the citizens advice bureau…they were excellent as they know the phrases to use and the “speak”. It worked and I was awarded DLA first time. Hope this helps. Xx

Hi, Panburner78, I see grey wolves, never admitted this to anyone cos I’m scared people with think I’m mental and lock me away,

I thought the programme showed what a complete (unfunny) joke the system is. They’re paying millions of pounds to Atos but they won’t make millions of pounds back from false claimers. As for the poor chap who had his leg blown off being asked if he could point his foot to the floor on the leg that wasn’t there, give me strength!

How do they prove fatigue? Make you walk so far then watch you fall over?

Yes PanBurner, speak to your MS nurse… or as other suggested, CAB could help. You can get their number in local phone book or ask at the library.

Try the MS nurse first.

Good luck hon… at this stage you are only asking if someone can help… so try not to stress about it.

One day at a time…

Pat x

Hi, yes agree!!!

And the poor man who lost his legs!!! Incredible!!! But I thought it was great that they had a soldier as it really showed how callous the system is!

The fatigue is always the hard one. The documentary, like others I’ve seen, concentrated on people with very visible physical disabilities… and of course I’m not knocking that.

But illness that isn’t visible (which of course lots of MSers have with fatigue but not disability) & mental illness are so much more difflicult to ‘prove’. That’s why I think it completely nuts not to take the word of the GP and the consultant who both know what the patient has to deal with!

Pat x

Sorry ‘leg’ not ‘legs’ (as if he hasn’t got enough to deal with… I’m then responsible for him losing another leg!!! )

Hi, I`m with you on feeling that if we ask for more, we could get less!

This doesn`t apply to DLA for me, as I am on the highest rates.

But I`m talking about getting more hours via Direct Payments.

I did have a visit from a social worker about it and she warned me that if I ask for more, I could get less. So the scare tactics worked and i decided not to pursue the claim.

luv Pollx

Watched the program and I’m scared to death that both myself and my wife who has fibromyagia will lose out under this new system :frowning: If ESA is anything to go by ATOS will be charged with reducing the number of claimants and do a “tick box” excercise during the assessment :frowning:

Notice how Dame whatdoyacallher stressed ‘disability’ will be taken out of the equation, presumably to say there are no more disabled in society because it discriminates. See all the authorities then ignore disability in all its guises and we shall all get absolutely nowhere in future.

Disability is just that, does and says what it does on the tin, so why change it?

IB got changed from incapacity to ESA which is now classed as a back to work benefit (work related), so no mention of incapacity or disability in that benefit either.

Me thinks the bigger picture paints a society where all SHOULD be treated as normal, equal and of same worth - my foot. In reality there is a lot needs changing for the disabled to better the world, however we are soon to become extinct.

Maybe its my conspiracy/cynical theory again playing up?



The way i see it the Dame has sold us out. I may be wrong but now she is on the pay roll i feel let down by her.

She is in a situation where she can protest against this and be heard. But she tows the line like all others. I understand liars will cheat the system, but figures show its less than 0.5% of claims. I would guess the % of fruad expenses claims to be much higher.