'Dispatches' on DLA. Ch4 at 8pm

Mine finishes in September, as they send the renewal form 6 months before im not looking forward to cooking it in, i’ll ask CAB to help me fill it in, they can do it in 2 hours better than me doing a bit at a time and the first one took me 10 days to fill it in

I watched the programme last night, because of the fraudsters we have to jump through hoops to get the help we need.


Should read getting it not cooking it predictive text has gone bonkers.

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Hi, it’s not because of fraudsters that we are having to jump through hoops.

The government’s own stat’s show it’s only 0.5 committing fraud.

It’s because this government does not believe in a welfare state and wants to get disabled people onto lower, cheaper benefits.

Get angry at the right people… this ConDem government!!!

Pat x

Hi Darren, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson said in the interview that only 0.5 % of benefits claimants are fraudsters. She’s been really very supportive of the whole anti-Atos movement. I follow her on Twitter and she’s great.

She works very hard on behalf of disabled people and is in a position where people listen to her.

She did say that DLA had needed a review… well we would all agree with that. The forms are hell and many people get knocked back simply because they don’t know how to fill in the form. But she’s totally against the move to PIP and I think that came across in the interview.

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Sorry I messed up the quote thingy… the above quote is Darren & not Yawn…

i watched it last night , i felt needed to be an hour long prog really but quite good.

i recorded it onto dvd i hate how this condem gov are treating those who have disabilties

its 0.05% who actually defraud the system what about us who do need the help. im dreading it. its not fair


I’m really not sure where they’re going with this and why they are doing it. By the time they’ve taken into account loss of taxes (plus increase in benefits) for people having to give up work (due to loss of mobility car), loss of revenues from mobility companies, plus more benefits claimed by those made redundant and all the other knock on effects, plus how much it’s going to cost to administer (ATOS) and another surge in appeals, I’ll be surprised if they save anything…

Interesting program. I wonder if it’s just coincidence that in the week that this program aired showing the concerns of disabled people about the change from DLA to PIP, that there has been stories in the right-wing rags (Sun, Express & Mail) claiming that thousands of people are rushing to claim DLA before it changes to PIP. Each story makes the same claim, that DLA is awarded solely on the basis of completing a simple form without the need for any medical confirmation whatsoever, whereas PIP needs a face-to-face assessment by ATOS.


Hi I missed this I’ve tried finding a link to watch it online, can anyone help? Thanks

Look up 4 on demand (4OD)on the Internet. You can watch it there.

Here’s the link:


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