The ONE SHOW yesterday: Disability & WCA, ESA etc (with link)

A very good short film following up on the documentary month or two ago about WCA etc… and short but good studio discussion. I think it’s about the 3rd item on programme:

Pat x

For those who are interested, it starts 21 mins 5 secs in.

Personally, I really wish they would start making more of the ill versus disabled thing. I feel a letter to The One Show coming on!

Karen x

Thank for letting us all know about this Pat I have just watched it and it is very informative. There should be more programmes like this to keep us all informed.


Thanks Pat just watched it. I wonder if anyone at ATOS did? Chis

I so agree Karen. It seems one very important point but has been missed out of nearly all discussion (if fact I’ve only seen it written about in one blog).

The Paralympics has done a lot to change attitudes about disabled people (although how long will it last?)… but I think quite the reverse for people who have chronic illness.

Pat x

I did send a message to the One Show about it btw - used the link on their website. I doubt anything will come of it, but it’s worth a try.