Hate crimes against disabled people: ITV1 tonight 7.30

Half hour documentary tonight at 7.30 on ITV1…

‘Don’t Hate Us: Tonight’

Hate crimes against disabled at all time high. Francesca Martinez investigates whether welfare crackdown is behind the apparent change in public attitude.

Well yes we KNOW it is… let’s see how they report it. Should be good (I hope!).

Pat x

I`ll be watching.

luv Pollx

Thanks for the heads up Pat,I will watch with interest


Thanks for the tip, because watching ITV would never have occurred to me otherwise. The Old Etonians are serial hate crime offenders and about time they got what’s coming to them.

I shall be watching too, already people are looking at all the disabled with suspicion, especially those who can walk a bit, wheel a bit and stand even less. Theyre confused…

Who asked for ms?



Thanks Pat - it’s now set to record.

Although I have a feeling I won’t enjoy watching it

Karen x

Hi Karen, Yes will be difficult to watch I think!

Nice to see you back and hope you enjoyed your break.

Everyone it’s on at 7.30 ITV1… or 8.30 on ITV 1 + 1 (channel 33 on freeview)

Pat x

I will be recording it. Thank you

Was very hard to watch. Terrible crimes against disabled man and a young woman with learning difficulties.

Very pleased the highlighted the plight of Remploy… factories which employ disabled people… most of which are now being closed down by this government. Naturally Maria Miller, the minister for disabilities, would not be interviewed.


No words to express how it makes me feel !!!

Pat x

I wish they’d done more on the less severe crimes including the everyday stuff that a lot of us have to put up with. I’m thinking that a lot of people who do that kind of stuff are thinking that the programme wasn’t directed at them because they only say things or whatever.

It’s good to see that there are programmes fighting back against the scrounger mentality and misuse by the gutter press (and the government!) though.

Karen x

Quite agree Karen, I am so lucky that I’m an oldie to MS, I can almost pass as an OAP and I rarely go out after dark so haven’t come across this myself.

It is very sad that Remploy are closing, I heard the governments comments after this was announced they said that money would be better spent elsewhere.

Employers don’t even have the resources to train young people let alone people with learning problems.

Hope the government are pleased with themselves. I sometimes feel completly paranoid about what they are doing to the disabled.

Wendy x

Agree Karen. Also there seemed to be confusion between what they were saying… jumping from hate crime to Remploy to the government and back to hate crime.

And would have been good to see something about the sort of comments people have had on here… ‘you don’t need that wheelchair’ etc.

But yes good to see it highlighted on tv and lots of activity on Twitter (#itvtonight)… and good to see the statistic that people think 50 to 75% of people on disability benefits are faking it when the government’s own estimate is only 0.5%. (well not GOOD to see it… but good to see it highlighted)!

Pat x

Having trained apprentices prior to DX and coming from a customer facing background, I was appalled to watch this. I can certainly say that the people I trained in conjunction with me cap, mind …etc should not face this prejudice.

I watched this programme, it was so upsetting. I manage two residential homes for 6 individuals with learning difficulties. I recently had a social worker visit to assess all of them and he suggested 2 of the individuals may benefit from doing some voluntary work for a couple of hours a week, but after watching this programme it really makes me think twice about this has I wouldn’t want to subject them to the danger of possibly being abused in anyway. It made me feel very sad that society can’t treat these people with the respect they so deserve. Karen x

I watched it too…really sad, my night made sadder still when my 19 yr old, Tao, texted me to say he was being moved off of night shifts because the ‘men’ he works with have been making his life difficlult. Last night they emptied his tobacco box on the floor, and when he went to pick it up, they poured slate over his head. Tao has Autism. What sort of society do we live in when you hear of grown ups picking on disabled. Tao really wants to work, but idiots like this make it really difficult. I hope someone pays for it, I really do!

Amanda I’m so sorry Tao has been treated so appallingly! What I find equally appalling is that Tao is being moved off night shift when HE has done nothing wrong!!! Surely the bullys should have been dealt with.?!! Tao gets moved and they get away with it !!!

I suppose you could go through some kind of complaints system… but I know that it often makes things even worse for the victim.

I wish Tao all the best. Hopefully he will work with grown-up human beings on his new shift !!!

Pat x

Thanks Pat. Hopefully he will be happier now. Bless him, he doesn’t want any trouble, and sadly as they are grown men who think it is acceptable to bully someone, let alone that someone who has Autism and doesn’t understand that he has not been "bad"it is easier on him, as well as there being more management around on the day shift to keep an eye xx

tI really sickens me to the core, that these idiots in society treat people like this, i have had the P*** taken out of me a few times when in my w/c,and there isnt a day goes by that i dont get dirty looks from some,i got a 'up yer kilt ’ sticker for the back of my scooter,makes me laugh,and puts the twos up at people such as these idiots.

jaki xx

Hi Pat, I watched it. I was so sickened to hear how the young woman was teased, tortured and then murdered. Her killers got between 13 and 21 yrs. They don`t deserve to live!

luv Pollx