please read this about discrimination.

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Isn’t that sad.If a huge television company sees a celebrity like that, what hope have we all got. Thought this discrimination was supposedly dealt with, obviously not.Nothing more I feel I can add to this, disappointment doesn’t describe it Tracey x

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very sad

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:frowning: awful .

Are we getting the whole story here, though? There’s no mention about whether he chased things up or not, the response to his request to be interviewed at home doesn’t seem to have been negative in any way. It almost sounds like he didn’t hear back from them so just assumed they’d dropped him like a hot potato. I’m not saying they hadn’t done exactly that, but if it was me I’d have chased things up once at least, to find out.

I suppose I just feel a little uncomfortable with accusations of discrimination being thrown about, with no kind of proof. They might have contacted him further but the message never arrived, then assumed when they didn’t hear back from him that he’d changed his mind, and various other scenarios. A whole lot of problems are life is caused by assumptions, and this seems to be one of them to me. I wonder how likely we are to find out the whole accurate story.

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Yes, I doubt that we are getting the whole story.

Let me say right away that I do not trust any of the media companies (phone hacking comes to mind) but this is about ITV - who offered Wayne Dobson his own show after he had been Dxed with MS.
The story was first broken by Mike Sullivan who Dobson describes as “my right (and left) hand man”, so one wonders just how impartial Sullivan really is.
What we do know is that Wayne Dobson does a lot to support MS charities, and we do not know what form the discussion with ITV really took. The reported story is by Sullivan, not told first hand by Dobson.

An for a different perspective: if Wayne Dobson was not in a wheelchair with MS, would we even care?


That’s a really interesting point, Geoff! I do wonder how interested/bothered/insulted etc. we’d be if he wasn’t someone with MS, even if the rest of the situation was exactly the same. Makes a big difference if something unfortunate in someone else’s story is something you also have personal experience of. But then empathy can cloud your judgement as it’s impossible to be objective then.