The Golden Girls...

Hi gang, getting together with a few of my neighbours in our communal lounge tonight to watch dvd episodes of The Golden Girls…

Hope it’s as funny as I remember it to be.

Wet and cold in London… but my fatigue is not so bad today… actually up and dressed…

Wishing you all well,

Pat x AND YES M I should have chocolate on hand all the time!!! I’m so damn greedy though if I have it I eat it…

Reminds me of something years ago… my sister bought huge Easter eggs for her 3 daughters… that evening she sat down and ate the lot and had to go out and buy more for her girls… must run in our family…

I’ve done that sort of thing before as well. When I was teaching I frequently had to re-buy things I’d bought for school and at Christmas - those small chocolate coins were devoured by me several times.

Enjoy your evening,

Sarah x

Hi Pat

Enjoy your get together with your neighbours, and definitely have

some choc…just ate a bar myself, yummy. Ms might take a

lot, but it can’t have my choc, or my sense of humour!!

Pam x

Was great. They really were funny!

But did anyone really ever wear shoulder pads that big??!!

Someone just gave me a low calorie Special K bar… hmmmm… I suppose it will have to do. Any port in a storm.

And so to bed,

Pat x

Sorry about the lack of chocolate, Pat.

I loved the Golden Girls, could we be the 2012 Golden Girls?? I hope everyone has a great day/weekendM

YES M… I hereby announce that all of us PPMS ladies are the GOLDEN GIRLS from now on!!!

Hope all you Golden Girls and Golden Boys are having a good day.

Chilly but sunny in London. Feels like Autumn is here…

Pat x

My aunt did a similar thing on Christmas. Bought 2 selection box’s for her 2 girls ate both box’s in one go, went out and bought 2 more but ate them too lol

I wanna be a golden girl too! It was a good series. But they all lived in Florida didnt they? And they were pensioners. Well, as ill be 60 in Oct, perhaps I qualify on that score, eh?

And all this talk of chocolate aint helping me at all. im eating licorice. Yep, still got bowel problems.

luv Pollx

Poll of course you are a Golden Girl. Wouldn’t be the same gang without you hon!!!

Yep, 3 retired women living in Florida… and one of their mum’s.

Very funny stuff about ageing and make some good points too. AND they actually talk about sex (shock horror… older women talking about sex!!!)

I think in some ways society has gone backwards. I can’t imagine them making a similar comedy now.

Just spent an age wrapping grandson’s birthday presents for tomorrow. Damn MS has sent my wrapping skills to hell… oh well I don’t suppose he’ll mind. Pile of presents topped by a jar of rubber reptiles… LOL…

Love to all… hey Poll hope the licorice works. (I’m sure we’ve both spelt that wrong… )

Pat xx

I’m shocked Patyou mentioned the ‘sex’ word, what is that again? I shall have lie down in a darken roomto recover!

I’m sure your grandson will have a lovely day.

Have a great weekend folksM

Hi Pat,

Must admit I never watched this series, but I sure as hell want to be one

of the “Golden Girls”, got a good ring to it.

All this reminds me of David Beckham…aka Golden Balls! now there’s

a thought I shall linger on…

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pam x

Where’s my Golden Girl, Pat?M

Here I am!!!

Exhausting weekend!!! But all was lovely. Wonderful having the family here and grandson… who loved his presents. And they had great time at Paralympics. Something he’ll remember all his life.

But is so tiring! And really they were only here Saturday evening and then briefly yesterday morning… and again later to pick up their car which they left here.

Hope you’re doing ok M and all you Golden Girls?

Beautiful day in London. Blue sky and sunshine.

Pat x

Good morning folks

I am barely awake but I have a physio appointment at 09:30, how cruel is that? According to my GP I should keep an open mind about possible help… Not a good walking morning so farTake care,

Yes that IS cruel !!!

Doesn’t anyone ever GET the fact that it takes ages for us to get going in the morning!!! Takes me half an hour to even get myself out of bed… LOL but true!

Let us know how it went M…

Warm, sunny and blue blue skies in London…

Pat x

Hi Girls

Hope everyone is doing ok, lovely day here hope I’m not tempting fate!


A waste of energy but I shall ‘keep an open mind’ so next Tuesday for weight bearing exercises. You have to laugh…Smiley says it all, M