The fear and frustration of not knowing!

My wife of 10 years, who is 43, has for the past 3-4 years experienced problems which have led me here. It began as a ‘restless’ legs ‘thing’, which her then GP treated with various drugs. This developed into ‘painful legs’, with the pain often being acute. A change of Doctor resulted in a variety of tests: Blood Tests to rule out various things, x-rays, and eventually an MRI scan of her back/legs. The ‘symptoms’ she displays are: painful legs, uncontrolled leg tremors (particularly when standing), tremors in her hands/fingers, unsteadiness when walking. Her GP concluded he did not know what the problem, but suspected MS! She now has an appointment with a Neurologist at the end of October (2013), but right now, I think the ‘problems’ are developing/accelerating very quickly? Maybe I/we are clutching at straws here? But it would ease the uncertainty if ANYONE could offer any help or advice right now?

hi john

its good that she has an appointment to see a neurologist.

you’ll just have to wait now.

meanwhile help her to make a list of symptoms with when they started, got better/worse, how they are affected her day to day life.

it may be useful at the consultation.

this won’t necessarily be an ms specialist neuro but if he/she thinks it is ms your wife will be passed on to a ms specialist.

a vitamin B complex will help as will vit D

patience my friend

carole x

For you to search out this forum and build the courage to write your message, must mean you are very worried about your wife.

Waiting for the appointment is a good thing, but if you feel it is to the detrament of your wifes health, then there is no harm in visiting A and E as your appointment will always be waiting for you at the end of October.

good luck.

You could choose to go private for your initial appointment; perfectly legal. Probably the Neurologist your wife has the appointment with in October will take her private next week; cost about £200. Make sure all further appointments/ MRI/ drugs are on the NHS as otherwise can get very expensive.

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