Worried about wife

I am seriously worried about my wife, we went to Paris for a week and on the way back she started feeling ill she went to GP and told she had a urinary tract infection that was treated with antibiotics within a week she started getting pins and needles down both legs and bad pain and weakness in her left arm she progressively got worse she had a MRI scan on her brain and neck this showed a very small patch on her brain but it wasn’t thought of any great significance althou couldn’t be totally ruled out she also has had a electrical nerve test this showed up weakness on her left side and over sensitive nerve communication on her right she is very unsteady on her feet and has had numourous blood tests one showed she had vitamin D deficency and is now taking a supplement she has now been off work 3 months I came home yesterday and found her very tearful Tomorrow we see the neuro to find the results of outstanding blood tests and the intrepitation of the nerve test She was also referred for physio and after 3 visits it was agreed that she had got worse and it would be better if it was put on hold until the neuro visit had been done she has got no better if she lays flat she can’t move her legs up if she lays on her stomach and bends her legs at 90 degrees her left leg is totally uncontrolable and just flops about if its not connected I really am seriously worried where this is all going she is normally fit and well

Hi Muscle750

I am sorry to hear about your wife’s symptoms and discomfort, but also sorry to hear about the distress it is causing you.

There is a vast spectrum of different things that can cause these kinds of symptoms and lots of investigation is needed to find the right diagnosis. I hope that the neuro appointment today is of use to you and you can get some answers.

You sound like a very kind and caring husband, she is very lucky to have your support.

I’m sorry I don’t have any answers for you, but wanted to wish you luck for the appointment today.


Good luck with the Neuro tomorrow :slight_smile:

Sadly, they might not give a diagnosis and may want to do even more tests. MS can be difficult to diagnose and it might be something else. I hope you get some relief and a better idea of what’s going on tomorrow tho.

Sonia x

Update We went to see neuro who said that all blood tests were normal apart from one showing low vitamin D he also said that the nerve test was in his eyes normal even thou at the time this wasn’t the opinion of the person doing the test however the neuro said he would contact them and ask for another close look at the results he us now sending her for another MRI scan on her spine and a lumbar puncture this he said will show wether the patch on her brain is the cause one thing they found today is doing the finger to the nose test back and forth she can’t do with her left hand and ends up sticking her finger in her eye , ear and everywhere but the end of her nose